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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

New York Times, 01.07.2014

Officer’s Conviction in Cannibalism Case Overturned


OZY, 01.07.2014

Buying Time While Doing Time

Could a Sensor Solve Our Prison Suicide Problem?
Delaware County Daily Times, 01.07.2014

Editorial: Statistics vary, but gun violence doesn't

Last Saturday afternoon two opposing groups, obviously impassioned in their beliefs, came face to face in the center of Delaware County.
Mashable, 01.07.2014

Who will binge-drink at age 16? European teen imaging study pinpoints predictors

The Atlantic, 01.07.2014

After Karzai

Afghanistan’s outgoing president helped heal a shattered country. He also winked at corruption and ruled like a tribal chief. His successor will inherit a nation that’s in better shape than you might think—and a government with little power to keep it that way.

Mujib Mashal

Chicago Tribune, 02.07.2014

Tough-on-crime policing hard on poor, author says

Researcher spent 6 years in low-income Philadelphia neighborhood

Dawn Turner Trice

Daily Mail, 02.07.2014

BBC show in bias row over policing cuts: Documentary accused of failing to mention big reductions in recorded crime

Medical News, 02.07.2014

Violence or injury 'responsible for almost 80% of deaths in Americans under 30'

A new report published in The Lancet has found that during the first 3 decades of life, injuries and violence are the most common cause of death for Americans.
Arbor News, 02.07.2014

Mapping Saginaw crime: SVSU project IDs city's 'hot spots,' shows relationship with poverty, vacant housing

Brad Devereaux

The Guardian, 02.07.2014

'Revenge pornography' could soon be outlawed, says Chris Grayling

Justice secretary says government is open to debate on legality of uploading sexually explicit media on internet without consent

Owen Bowcott, 02.07.2014

The surveillance state can't even keep track of how many people it's spying on anymore. Time to close the loopholes

Trevor Timm

Asian Scientist Magazine, 02.07.2014

Understanding The Business Of Crime

ABC Online, 02.07.2014

Why do online pirates continue to sail the web?

Stephen Letts

Arizona Republic, 02.07.2014

Phoenix police bring crime mapping to public

The Phoenix Police Department is now sharing crime data with the community in a simpler way.

Connor Wince

Huffington Post, 02.07.2014

Why School Shootings Won't Be Stopped

Paul Heroux State Representative, Massachusetts
Washington Post, 02.07.2014

Invited military interventions meet some limited success

Aila M. Matanock

EurekAlert!, 02.07.2014

License plate readers are important police tool, but hurdles remain, study finds

DigiNews, 02.07.2014

Domestic Terrorist? Bill Ayers Weather Underground revisionist history on Megyn Kelly, Fox Files

Jacquie Kubin

The Independent, 02.07.2014

Revenge porn: enough still isn't being done to stop it

One in ten ex partners have threatened to expose risqué photos of their ex online - and 60 per cent followed through. Men can use revenge porn as a way to punish women - simply for behaving in ways that they do not approve of

Charlotte Rachael Proudman

Science World Report, 03.07.2014

Nearly 80 Percent of Deaths in the First Three Decades of Life are Due to Unintentional Injury

Catherine Griffin, 03.07.2014

Boko Haram and the competing narratives

Political elites in Nigeria trade accusations over who is responsible for the failure to stem Boko Haram's violence.

Zainab Usman

Newsroom: University of Toronto, 03.07.2014

One Third of Adults with Dyslexia Report They Were Physically Abused During Their Childhood

Mic, 03.07.2014

The 5 Big Lies That D.A.R.E Told You About Drugs

Tom McKay

IRIN, 03.07.2014

Analysis: Understanding organized crime in Africa

Philippa Garson

The Independent, 04.07.2014

Colorado has proved that legalising cannabis works, so it's about time we let the UK get high

In just six months the state has raised millions in tax revenue and seen a fall in crime
Chicago Sun-Times, 04.07.2014

How to make Chicago schools safe

Jean Klasovsky

Independent Online, 06.07.2014

Oscar’s battle with his body


OUPblog, 06.07.2014

Five important facts about honor killings

Politico, 06.07.2014

The Psychology of the Sunni-Shia Divide

Why is there so much animosity between groups that seem so similar?


OUPblog, 06.07.2014

The significance of gender representation in domestic violence units

Norma M. Riccucci and Gregg G. Van Ryzin

New York Times, 06.07.2014

Clicking Their Way to Outrage

On Social Media, Some Are Susceptible to Internet Outrage


VPN Creative, 07.07.2014

Wearable Tech: A Potential Cyber Threat on Your Wrist

Dan Virgillito

Hard News, 07.07.2014

A Murder Most Foul

For the first time in Maharashtra, 10 police personnel have been charged with the horrific custodial death of 25-year-old Agnelo Valdaris

Souzeina S Mushtaq Delhi

Pacific Standard, 07.07.2014

The Organ Detective: A Career Spent Uncovering a Hidden Global Market in Human Flesh

Ethan Watters

The Economist, 07.07.2014

The beat police

Crime in Argentina
Washington Post, 07.07.2014

Europe takes rehab approach to Islamic extremists

Cordis News Publication, 08.07.2014

EU funded project, TRACE, examines human trafficking as a criminal enterprise

Hayley Watson

Pacific Standard, 08.07.2014

On Free Will, Fate, and a Science That Sways Juries

A new study shows how teaching people about neuroscience can make them softer on crime.

Lauren Kirchner

The Columbian Published, 08.07.2014

Study points to gun violence prevention

UW research says gunshot victims more likely to be shot again


EurekAlert!, 08.07.2014

CU researcher finds nurse-family partnership reduces preventable mortality

Brown University, 08.07.2014

Virtual crowds produce real behavior insights

The New Yorker, 09.07.2014

The Meaning of Mohamed Abu Khdeir’s Murder

Raja Shehadeh

Washington Post, 09.07.2014

How worried should U.S. policymakers be about nuclear blackmail?

Colin H. Kahl

EurekAlert!, 09.07.2014

BU researchers relate arrests with HIV risk environment

Boston—Practices used in policing injection drug users in Russia might contribute to HIV transmission and overdose mortality.
The Guardian, 09.07.2014

David Hare on Jimmy Savile: biography of the man who 'groomed a nation'

Dan Davies's In Plain Sight is a revealing life of a celebrity who understood his own depravity

David Hare

JD Supra, 10.07.2014

Psychology In the Courtroom - Is Social Science "Common Sense" or a Tool to Correct Juror Misconceptions?

Hayes Hunt, Thomas O'Rourke, Thomas Wilkinson, Jr.

Slate Magazine, 10.07.2014

The Stoop Isn’t the Jungle

In her new book On the Run, Alice Goffman misses the larger truth about black urban communities—like the one I grew up in.

Dwayne Betts

New York Times online, 10.07.2014

De Blasio’s Violent-Crime Challenges

Matthew McKnight

EurekAlert!, 10.07.2014

Active shooter training increases comfort level of emergency responders

The Conversation, 10.07.2014

Want to stop Somali piracy? Build better roads

American Thinker, 10.07.2014

Human Trafficking Estimates and Statistics

Brenda Zurita


Surgical enforcement by hundreds of officers

William Bratton

The Guardian, 10.07.2014

Forcing through the surveillance laws is a further erosion of political trust

The secret deal to make law a bill that is in breach of our human rights takes parliament a step further away from the people

Tom Watson

Washington Post, 10.07.2014

Hawaii is so convinced it can lower recidivism, it’s already spending the money it thinks it’ll save

Hawaii, where 75 percent of youths released from the state’s juvenile correctional facility are sentenced or convicted again within three years, is trying to crack down on recidivism.

Hunter Schwarz

Police Oracle, 11.07.2014

Research: 'More PCSOs leading to crime increase'

Evaluation of the mix of PCs and PSCOs on neighbourhood teams reveals more personnel leads to an increase in recorded crime.

Jasmin McDermott

The British Psychological Society, 11.07.2014

The courts and parental alienation

The Economist, 12.07.2014

Oh! You pretty things

Today’s young people are held to be alienated, unhappy, violent failures. They are proving anything but
New York Times, 12.07.2014

Guiding Germany’s Young Muslims Off the Road to Jihad


The Economist, 12.07.2014

A broken system

Citizens’ security is the region’s biggest problem. Time to improve criminal justice
The Economist, 12.07.2014

Time and punishment

Impatient children are more likely to become lawbreakers
The Economist, 12.07.2014

Pirates v economists

A new weapon against Somali bandits: free trade
NPR, 12.07.2014

What We Talk About When We Talk About Violence In Chicago

CNN, 12.07.2014

Pot is legal and sky hasn't fallen

Leonard Frieling

The Missourian Saturday, 12.07.2014

Education, Safety Help Reduce Incidents of Domestic Violence

Journal and Courier, 13.07.2014

Special Report: Graffiti Warfare

Wei-Huan Chen

New York Times, 13.07.2014

All Children Should Be Delinquents


NDTV Story, 14.07.2014

Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn't

Walt Bogdanich

The Atlantic, 14.07.2014

A Sociological History of Soccer Violence

How social and cultural rifts manifest themselves through sports—especially when fans identify intensely with their team

Tiffanie Wen

Echo, 14.07.2014

Cop’s call for new laws to fight online crime

Caroline Tilley


Bratton’s stop-frisk study mistake

A flawed research project will only confuse the issue

John Eterno , Eli Silverman

Vox July, 14.07.2014

The case for decriminalizing heroin, cocaine, and all other drugs

German Lopez

Pew Research Center, 14.07.2014

Despite recent shootings, Chicago nowhere near U.S. ‘murder capital’

Drew DeSilver

Sydney Morning Herald, 15.07.2014

Crooks, cops and whistleblowers

Wendy Frew

The Nation, 15.07.2014

66 Percent of Americans Now Live in a Constitution-Free Zone

Thanks to the militarization and expansion of the “border” region, 197 million Americans now live within the jurisdiction of US Customs and Border Patrol.

Todd Miller

Pacific Standard, 15.07.2014

The Searchers: Amateur Web Sleuths Are Teaming Up to Solve Cold Cases Online

An old American obsession—the rogue detective’s urge to crack the case—finds a new outlet.

Peter C. Baker

New Zealand Herald, 15.07.2014

Collins has questions to answer about burglaries

NSW Police, 15.07.2014

Research grant announced for study to bolster the resilience of police officers

A landmark research project will help NSW Police Force develop fresh solutions to help officers become more resilient and assist those suffering from stress-related illness.
Tablet, 15.07.2014

Who Is Mehdi Nemmouche, and Why Did He Want To Kill Jews?

In the first of a five-part series on growing anti-Semitism in France, an intimate look at the alleged Brussels Jewish museum shooter

Marc Weitzmann

The Seattle Times, 16.07.2014

Fight crime with good jobs and schools, UW professor says

London Review of Books, 17.07.2014

How should we think about the Caliphate?

Owen Bennett-Jones

Medical Daily, 17.07.2014

Child Sexual Abuse Raises Likelihood Of Cardiovascular Problems For Middle-Aged Women

Women who were sexually abused as children are more likely to show the earliest signs of heart disease in their 40s and early 50s, researchers said Thursday.

Ben Wolford

Washington Post, 17.07.2014

When Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape decreased sharply

For decades, few people noticed that legislators in Providence had deleted crucial language from Rhode Island state law in 1980. It wasn't until a 2003 court case that police, to their chagrin, discovered they couldn't prevent prostitutes and their customers from engaging in commercial exchange.
Phys.Org, 17.07.2014

Do urban casinos increase local crime? Not in this case study

EurekAlert!, 17.07.2014

No evidence that California cellphone ban decreased accidents, says Colarado University Boulder researcher

Daniel Kaffine, 17.07.2014

Movie piracy: threat to the future of films intensifies

Diana Lodderhose

OUPblog, 17.07.2014

What are the most important issues in international criminal justice today?

Ruti G. Teitel

Newswise, 17.07.2014

Forty Per Cent of Female Prisoners Enter Correctional System with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Melissa McDermott

Telegraph, 17.07.2014

Police fail to identify a suspect in more than half of recorded crimes, new figures show

Home Office figures raise new questions about police performance as they show investigations fail to track down suspects in 52 per cent of cases

David Barrett

The Economist, 19.07.2014

Sitting on the evidence

The scandalous backlog of untested rape kits
OZY, 19.07.2014

Dying in the Name of Honor

Ruby Ali-Strayton

Press Herald, 19.07.2014

America’s get-tough ‘War on Drugs’ has failed in fighting drug abuse

America’s get-tough ‘War on Drugs’ has failed in fighting drug abuse

Jonathan Blanks

Wall Street Journal, 20.07.2014

More First Responders Scrutinized Over Response to Chokehold

The Paramedics and EMTs Cannot Respond to 911 Calls Pending an Investigation

Pervaiz Shallwani, Mara Gay and Yoni Bashan

The Independent, 20.07.2014

Can paedophiles be good people? We flinch, but there are varying degrees

Child abusers are not all the same, yet the idea of treating them differently in relation to the severity of their crimes has somehow become controversial

Archie Bland

Yahoo News, 20.07.2014

Can math stop murder?

In besieged Chicago, how police are tapping Big Data to try to curb gang violence.

Mark Guarino

Hutchinson News, 20.07.2014

Guard against racial profiling

Huffington Post, 21.07.2014

15 Things We All Need To Know About America's Appalling Child Sex Trade

Sara Boboltz

Huffington Post, 21.07.2014

In the Gun Debate, Mental Illness Doesn't Predict Dangerousness

Paul Heroux

SciDev.Net, 21.07.2014

Focus on Migration: Inside the head of a migrant

PolitiFact, 21.07.2014

There are fewer wars, there are fewer people dying in wars "now than there have been in quite some time."

Stu Burguiere

WCPO 7, 21.07.2014

University of Cincinnati joins with National Security Agency to fight cyber crime

Greg Noble

Daily Californian, 21.07.2014

Cruel and Unusual

Stacey Nguyen

Insurance News, 22.07.2014

Break-Ins And Their Emotional Aftermath

Sarah Volpenhein

Los Angeles Times, 22.07.2014

Losing a parent during childhood may increase risk of early death

People who were kids when their mothers died were 55% more likely to die young, a study finds Losing one's father during childhood was linked to a 50% greater risk of premature death, researchers report. As many as 4% of children in wealthy countries lose a parent while growing up.

Karen Kaplan, 22.07.2014

FGM affects 137,000 women in England and Wales, reveals shocking new study

A new study - published today, ahead of the UK's first Girl Summit - shows a significant increase in the number of girls and women undergoing female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Radhika Sanghani

Tablet, 22.07.2014

How a City in France Became a Mecca for Islamists

A visit to Roubaix, home of alleged Jewish Museum killer Mehdi Nemmouche. Second of a five-part series on anti-Semitism in France.

Marc Weitzmann

Washington Post, 23.07.2014

Effective policing or entrapment?

Mike DeBonis

Corporate Crime Reporter, 23.07.2014

John Braithwaite on Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Independent, 23.07.2014

We need to talk about homophobia in the police

The consequence of ignoring hate crime cultivates a culture of endemic homophobia

George Gillett

Daily Mail, 23.07.2014

Was the 'Trainspotting generation' behind a spike in crime?

Huge decline in thefts and burglaries since early 1990s linked to fall in number of heroin and crack users
Los Angeles Times, 23.07.2014

Troubled childhoods may prompt men to volunteer for military service

Alan Zarembo

National Geographic, 23.07.2014

American-Born Gangs Helping Drive Immigrant Crisis at U.S. Border

Central America's spiraling violence has a Los Angeles connection.

Scott Johnson

Full Fact, 23.07.2014

How common is FGM in England and Wales?

The Prime Minister was among those to call for an end to female genital mutilation this week. How widespread is the practice in this country?, 23.07.2014

Number of prisoners over 60 in England and Wales doubles in 10 years

Prison Reform Trust says increase explained by prosecutions for historic offences rather than unseen 'elderly crime wave'

Alan Travis

The Independent, 23.07.2014

Nearly half of renters and buyers check crime statistics before deciding on their home: Property news roundup

Alex Johnson

Association for Psychological Science, 23.07.2014

Sleep Deprivation May Increase Susceptibility to False Memories

Not getting enough sleep may increase the likelihood of forming false memories, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.
The Guardian, 23.07.2014

Undercover police spied on grieving families of De Menezes, Groce and Reel

Scotland Yard claims relatives were not the target of surveillance but that 'inappropriate' information about them was gathered

Rob Evans and Vikram Dodd

RealClearPolitics, 24.07.2014

Financial Tools Seen as Key to Escaping Domestic Violence

Caitlin Huey-Burns, 24.07.2014

Researchers examine how experiences of DVA may be shaped by gender, sexuality, age

Mainstream agencies dealing with heterosexual victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) must do more to support and build trust with victims in same sex relationships, researchers of a new book recommend., 24.07.2014

How Health and Housing Relate to Crime in Chicago

Low birth weight, childhood lead poisoning, pre-term births, and infant mortality rate all go hand in hand with the crime rate—but there are significant differences in how neighboring communities are affected.

Whet Moser

New York Times, 26.07.2014

Broken Windows, Broken Lives

Minneapolis Star Tribune, 26.07.2014

Minneapolis police outreach to Somali community offers a national model


New York Times online, 27.07.2014

Tough Enforcement of Minor Offenses Shouldn’t Always Lead to Arrests

Eugene O'Donnell is a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He was an officer in the New York Police Department, a prosecutor with the district attorneys' offices in Brooklyn and Queens and a police academy instructor.
New York Times online, 27.07.2014

‘Broken Windows’ Is Good in Theory, Troubling in Practice

Donnel Baird grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and spent several years as a community organizer in Brownsville. He is a recent graduate of Columbia Business School, and the founder of BlocPower, a tech start-up.
New York Times online, 27.07.2014

There’s Little Evidence That “Broken Windows” Policing Works

Delores Jones-Brown, a former New Jersey prosecutor, is a professor of law, police science and criminal justice administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she directs the John Jay College Center on Race, Crime and Justice.
New York Times online, 28.07.2014

Experience Shows That “Broken Windows” Policing Works

Louis Anemone was chief of department of the New York Police Department from 1995 to 1999 and is the principal of Anemone Consulting.
The New Yorker, 29.07.2014

Why Politicians Plagiarize So Often

Evan Osnos

Truth-Out, 30.07.2014

The Spread of Electronic Monitoring: No Quick Fix for Mass Incarceration

James Kilgore

St. Louis Public Radio, 30.07.2014

Dotson: Overall Crime Down, Hot-Spot Policing Working

Amanda Honigfort

Truth-Out, 30.07.2014

How Did the FBI Miss More Than 1 Million Rapes?

Soraya Chemaly

EurekAlert!, 30.07.2014

Older adults are at risk of financial abuse

Perpetrators are most often family members, study into financial exploitation of the elderly finds
The New Yorker, 30.07.2014

Did the Chicago police coerce witnesses into pinpointing the wrong man for murder?

Nicholas Schmidle

Government Technology, 30.07.2014

Solving Digital Crimes in the Cloud Faces Numerous Challenges

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has identified 65 forensic science challenges in the cloud, and is working to build a roadmap to overcoming them.

Jessica Hughes

Newswise, 30.07.2014

Hopkins' Campbell Asks Senate to Keep Guns from Stalkers

Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act could keep weapons from potential killers

Johns Hopkins

Brookings Institution, 30.07.2014

A Gendered Approach To Countering Violent Extremism

Lessons Learned From Women In Peacebuilding And Conflict Prevention Applied Successfully In Bangladesh And Morocco

Krista Couture

OUPblog, 30.07.2014

Education and crime over the life cycle

Giulio Fella and Giovanni Gallipoli

Gawker, 30.07.2014

Putin Regime Offering 3.9 Million to Expose Tor's Anonymous Network

Matthew Phelan

New York Times, 30.07.2014

Anatomy of an Abduction

With little planning, an ill-equipped group of Islamic extremists succeeded in kidnapping 32 European citizens in the Algerian desert in 2003, holding them for up to six months and ransoming them for 5 million euros.


Philadelphia City, 31.07.2014

Is broken windows Philly's new stop-and-frisk?

Daniel Denvir and Ryan Briggs

New York Times, 31.07.2014

Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror


Pacific Standard, 31.07.2014

Are Children Seeking Refuge Turning More Americans Against Undocumented Immigrants?

A look at Pew Research Center survey data collected in February and July of this year.

Lisa Wade

Wall Street Journal, 31.07.2014

Legal Marijuana’s Unintended Business Opportunities

Gregory J. Millman

LE MONDE diplomatique, 31.07.2014

Taking Iraq apart

Nouri al-Maliki’s incompetence and sectarianism have led to the disintegration of the Iraqi state — and now, unsurprisingly, the ISIL insurgents have declared an Islamic caliphate in the territories they control in Iraq and Syria.

Peter Harling

Police Oracle, 31.07.2014

Police forensic research given government funding

Second round of police innovation funding includes bids for developing faster DNA profiling technology and a new body fluid spray.

Jasmin McDermott

Driffield, 31.07.2014

Burglars’ ‘code of conduct’ revealed - They won’t steal on their own doorstep

Burglars won’t steal on their own doorstep but they will on yours, 31.07.2014

Detention's effect on child mental health covered up, inquiry hears

Oliver Laughland