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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Independent-Sunday 05 January 2014, 06.01.2014

Crime and punishment: Why throwing away the key doesn't work

Archie Bland

Pocono Record - December 30, 2013, 06.01.2014

Has 'zero tolerance' been taken too far?

Experts: By-the-book punishment in Pa. schools ineffective, targets minorities

By STACY M. BROWN For the Pocono Record

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: 6-Jan-2014, 07.01.2014

Study: Half of black males, 40 percent of white males arrested by age 23

First contemporary findings on how the risk of arrest varies across race and gender
New Haven Register-Posted: 6.1.2014, 6:34 PM EST, 07.01.2014

More gun laws, more murder? Quinnipiac prof’s study suggests it

By Joe Amarante, New Haven Register, 07.01.2014

New York Times January 3, 2014

Without Jury, Judge Warned That Stop-and-Frisk Ruling Would Be Disputed


Huffington Post- Posted: 7.1.2014 3:20 pm, 08.01.2014

The Correlation of Gun Laws and Gun Homicide

Paul Heroux, State Representative, Massachusetts

Cambridge News 4:30 Tuesday 07 January 2014, 08.01.2014

Essex police to use wear cameras for incidents of domestic abuse


Pacific Standard - January 07, 2014 • 4:00 AM, 08.01.2014

Breaking Down the Broken Windows Theory

By Lauren Kirchner

Reason - January 8, 2014, 09.01.2014

Petty Law Enforcement vs. the Poor

How the state's desire to manage our movement harms the poor

Brian Doherty

Vancouver Sun-03.01.2014, 09.01.2014

Mixed neighbourhoods not always a good idea

Huffington Post - Posted: 7.1.2014 4:56 pm, 09.01.2014

How to End Brazil's Homicide Epidemic

Robert Muggah

BBC News 9 January 2014 Last updated at 17:02 GMT, 10.01.2014

Education makes prisoners 'less likely to reoffend'

Studying a wide range of educational courses in jail makes prisoners in England and Wales significantly less likely to reoffend, research suggests.

By Patrick Howse Education reporter, BBC News

Valley Public Radio- 9.1.2014, 10.01.2014

How Long Is Too Long? Congress Revisits Mandatory Sentences

By Liz Halloran

Huffington Post-Posted: 9.1.2014 12:17 pm, 10.01.2014

Internet Child Pornography: Who Is at the Keyboard?

Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D., Executive Director, The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Scientific American (blog) | January 12, 2014 |, 13.01.2014

Inching closer towards a science base for justice

By Hilda Bastian

Sydney Morning Herald-January 7, 2014, 13.01.2014

Good behaviour bonds for violent assaults do not work

New York Times 10.1.2014, 13.01.2014

The War Over Poverty

Paul Krugman

BBC News 13 January 2014 Last updated at 14:27 GMT, 14.01.2014

Dyfed-Powys centre to help tackle 'neglected' rural policing

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: 13-Jan-2014, 14.01.2014

School drug tests don't work, but 'positive climate' might

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: 13-Jan-2014, 14.01.2014

BU study: 1 question may gauge the severity of unhealthy drug and alcohol use

BBC News 15 January 2014 Last updated at 01:57 GMT, 15.01.2014

Twin DNA test: Why identical criminals may no longer be safe

By Alison Gee BBC World Service

Insurance Journal-13.01.2014, 15.01.2014

Policing the ‘Dark Side’ of Internet of Things

By Chris Strohm | January 13, 2014

Police Oracle 11.1.2014, 15.01.2014

Police 'can still work with Europol'

Government denies stance on changes to EU reforms would impact co-operation with crime agency.

By Jack Sommers - Police Oracle, 16.01.2014

Stars and Stripes Published: January 15, 2014

Report: Global pirate attacks fall to lowest level in 6 years

By Steven Beardsley January 15, 2014, 16.01.2014

Researchers Create Crime Prediction Map App

Research at Rutgers’ School of Criminal Justice has resulted in commercial technology that public safety practitioners and researchers worldwide are using to fight crime.
Sydney Morning Herald- January 15, 2014 - 2:23PM, 16.01.2014

Figures don't lie, but they sure can get confusing

Is Kings Cross getting more violent at night? It should be a simple question but, as Sean Nicholls finds, the truth is a little more blurred.
Kansas City Star online, 16.01.2014

Kansas death penalty hearing touches deep emotions

Dion Lefler

YottaFire - January 16, 2014, 17.01.2014


New Study Quantifies Psychological Damage of Stalking

University at Buffalo Release Date: January 14, 2014, 17.01.2014

Urban night shift police more likely to suffer long-term job injuries, study finds

Huffington Post-14.01.2014, 17.01.2014

Marijuana Prohibition Was Racist From The Start. Not Much Has Changed.

The Huffington Post | By Nick Wing

Washington Examiner, 17.01.2014

Racial profiling not the issue


Phys.Org -, 17.01.2014

Surveillance threatens U.S. business climate, democracy, say Stanford researchers

Mass surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies is jeopardizing America's reputation as a safe place to do business, according to a Stanford scholar.
Leicester Mercury, 17.01.2014

Study shows racism is still major problem

The Seattle Times-Originally, 18.01.2014

Case of the curious juror: when the Web invades the courtroom

A King County rape trial highlights a challenge confronting judges across the country: How to keep jurors, accustomed to reaching for their smartphones when any question arises, from going online to do their own research on cases.

Ken Armstrong Seattle Times staff reporter

Slate, 18.01.2014

Obama’s Nonreform Reforms

The president’s NSA surveillance speech left six key questions unanswered.

David Auerbach, 19.01.2014

Facebook bullying rockets as thousands live in terror of threats and online stalkers

Daily Mirror investigation reveals the shocking extent of cyber menaces who make people's lives a misery

Martin Bagot

Consortium News, 19.01.2014

The Injustice of US Justice

EurekAlert!, 20.01.2014

Access to guns increases risk of suicide, homicide

UCSF meta-analysis finds women at greater risk of being killed
EurekAlert!, 20.01.2014

Toddlers' aggression is strongly associated with genetic factors

New study provides greater understanding of how to address childhood aggression
Columbus Dispatch, 20.01.2014

55 years of Ohio homicides scrutinized by researchers

Theodore Decker The Columbus Dispatch

International Relations and Security Network 20 January 2014, 20.01.2014

How Can ‘City Diplomacy’ Influence Security?

According to Michele Acuto, we have to start studying the impact that cities and those who govern them are having on global security. That’s because their ‘proximity’ to today’s security challenges is making them increasingly important actors in this domain.
EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE, 20.01.2014

Cocaine users enjoy social interactions less

Huffington Post, 21.01.2014

The Story Behind the Nation's Falling Body Count

David M. Kennedy, Director, Center for Crime Prevention and Control, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 21.01.2014

Crime-fighting HAIR CLIPS for women that film attackers and call the police

Chris Bradley

Wiley, 21.01.2014

Ivory Burning and Cartels: Are Anti-Poaching Efforts Repeating the Mistakes of the ‘War on Drugs’?

National Geographic, 30.01.2014

Drug Trafficking Poses Surprising Threats to Rain Forests, Scientists Find

Criminals wreak havoc on environment, sparking calls for drug policy reform

Brian Clark Howard

National Geographic, 30.01.2014

Drug Trafficking Poses Surprising Threats to Rain Forests, Scientists Find

Criminals wreak havoc on environment, sparking calls for drug policy reform

Brian Clark Howard

PreventionAction, 30.01.2014

Trial reporting without error

Randomized controlled trials can provide strong evidence of whether complex social and psychological interventions are effective. But inadequate information in reports on RCTs makes it harder to trust the results. An international initiative is seeking to change this by developing new reporting guidelines.
NPR, 31.01.2014

Why Should You Be Worried About NSA Surveillance?


San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 31.01.2014

More and more Americans falling prey to identity theft

Kevin Smith, San Gabriel Valley Tribune