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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

New Haven Register, 01.03.2014

Quinnipiac Law’s symposium educated on gun laws and mental health

The New York Review of Books, 01.03.2014

Ukraine: The Haze of Propaganda

Timothy Snyder

Auckland, 01.03.2014

Drug reformers to converge on New Zealand

A pioneering act which scientifically regulates legal highs rather than banning them has attracted global drug reformers to New Zealand.


EurekAlert!, 02.03.2014

Mandatory arrest in domestic violence call-outs causes early death in victims

New research from a major 'randomised' arrest experiment 23 years ago finds that domestic violence victims whose partners were arrested on misdemeanor charges – mostly without causing injury – were 64% more likely to have died early, compared to victims whose partners were warned but not removed by police.
The Depaulia, 02.03.2014

A solitary cell: alone in a broken prison system

Zoe Krey

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03.03.2014

Updated study on Milwaukee domestic violence victims raises questions

Ashley Luthern of the Journal Sentinel

EurekAlert!, 03.03.2014

Blurred Lines? Sexual boundaries are not really all that blurred

• Sexual aggression has become a common experience in bars. • New findings show that approximately 90 percent of the incidents involve male initiators and female targets
EurekAlert!, 03.03.2014

Postcode lottery for race relations

People's racial prejudices are influenced by where they live, reports a new study led by Oxford University psychologists.
Medical Xpress, 03.03.2014

Researchers launch website aimed at preventing domestic homicide

Researchers at Western University, in collaboration with the University of Guelph, have launched a new website, taking an important step in developing a national strategy to prevent domestic homicides.
Waterloo Record, 03.03.2014

Turning ideas about crime and imprisonment inside out

Laurier program lets students at the university and students in prison take classes together Inside out
Bobsguide (press release), 03.03.2014

Bitcoin targeted by 100 malware families

More than 100 uniques families of malware have been created to take advantage of the Bitcoin boom and provide cybercriminals with access to virtual currency around the world, research from Dell reveals.
ABC Online, 03.03.2014

Pubs shut down violence with earlier closing times

Almost 4000 assaults have been prevented since earlier closing times were introduced at Newcastle hotels, new research shows.

By Jeannette McMahon (online producer), 03.03.2014

NHS England patient data 'uploaded to Google servers', Tory MP says

Lincoln Journal Star, 03.03.2014

Buddy system a success for Lincoln police, officials say

Scientific American, 03.03.2014

Hidden “Signature” in Online Photos Could Help Nab Child Abusers

A new technique exploits sensor noise patterns unique to each camera that can help identify criminals via photographs posted online
Newswise Released, 03.03.2014

Childhood Adversity Launches Lifelong Relationship and Health Disadvantages for Black Men

Black Men Experience 28 Percent More Childhood Adversity In Home Than White Men; Leads To Health, Relationship Disadvantage Citations Journal of Health and Social Behavior
EurekAlert!, 04.03.2014

International research project: The more available alcohol is, the more likely that people will drink heavily

The New Yorker, 04.03.2014

A Call for Help

What the Kitty Genovese story really means.

Nicholas Lemann

Newswise Released, 04.03.2014

Research Connects Drug War Violence in Mexico with Desensitization in Social Media

Newswise — Amid times of crisis, citizens often turn to social media as a method to share information, make observations and vent. But as a Georgia Tech professor’s research into social media use amid the Mexican drug war shows, posts can reveal growing numbness, or desensitization, during times of protracted violence and stress.
Western Morning News, 04.03.2014

Commissioner holds summit over sale of cheap alcohol


Newsweek online, 04.03.2014

A Jihad of Her Own

Janine di Giovanni

The Mainlander, 04.03.2014

Book Review | Racialized Policing: Aboriginal People’s Encounters with the Police

Lorenzo Fiorito

Huffington Post-Posted, 05.03.2014

Religious Extremism = Child Abuse?

Engy Abdelkader Legal Fellow, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding London Mayor Boris Johnson is making waves with some controversial statements concerning Muslims.
EurekAlert!, 05.03.2014

Adolescent relationship violence has mental health implications for victims, perpetrators

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 05.03.2014

Applying math to cancer, climate, crime and cameras

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification

University of Toronto, 05.03.2014

Thirty per cent of adults with attention deficit disorder report childhood physical abuse

Government Technology -, 05.03.2014

Police App Encourages Officers to Fight Fatigue

A professor and former police officer and others have created an app that alerts cops when they're too tired to continue working safely.

Colin Wood

Belfast Telegraph, 05.03.2014

4,766 crimes against the elderly, but 96% of cases remain unsolved

Shocking statistics spark call for tougher sentences


Science 2.0, 05.03.2014

Moving Boys Out Of High-Poverty Neighborhoods Leads To PTSD Symptoms

News Staff, 05.03.2014

Six Ways America is Like a Third-World Country

Our society lags behind the rest of the developed world in education, health care, violence and more

Sean McElwee

PolicyMic, 05.03.2014

Swiss LSD Study Yields Incredible Results for Terminally Ill Patients

Victoria Kim

EurekAlert!, 05.03.2014

Experiential avoidance increases PTSD risk following child maltreatment

The Nation, 05.03.2014

Let’s Call Sex Work What It Is: Work

Villainizing sex workers won’t improve their lives. Basic labor rights will.

Melissa Gira Grant

The New York Times, 05.03.2014

C.I.A. Employees Face New Inquiry Amid Clashes on Detention Program


EurekAlert!, 05.03.2014

UCSB study explores cocaine and the pleasure principle

Researchers use animal models to demonstrate that the net result of cocaine use is a balance of both positive and negative effects
The New York Review of Books Issue, 06.03.2014

The New York Review of Books Issue

David Cole

The New York Review of Books Issue, 06.03.2014

Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine

Timothy Snyder

National Geographic, 06.03.2014

Solving Cold Cases Depends on New Witnesses, Not DNA

Dan Vergano

Wall Street Journal, 06.03.2014

Police Focus On Subway Panhandlers

New Commissioner's Focus on Quality-of-Life Issue Is Signaled

Pervaiz Shallwani and Nick Pinto

University of Missouri, 06.03.2014

Access to Social Workers Could Keep Veterans Out of Criminal Justice System, MU Researchers Find

Canada says social workers have the ability to help ensure that veterans in the criminal justice system get the assistance they need.

Sarah Clinton

University of Florida, 06.03.2014

For older drivers, study finds, one drink may be one too many

Morgan Sherburne Category: University of Florida, College of Medicine, Department of

Psychiatry, McKnight Brain Institute

The Atlantic, 06.03.2014

What Is Your Brain on Pot?

As more states legalize, we still don’t have a clear picture of how marijuana affects the body.

Olga Khazan

Motherboard, 06.03.2014

Genetic Profiling and Predictive Policing Are Taking Us to the Pre-Crime Future

New York Times, 06.03.2014

Heroin Scourge Overtakes a ‘Quaint’ Vermont Town


EurekAlert!, 06.03.2014

Black boys viewed as older, less innocent than whites, research finds

Police likelier to use force against black children when officers 'dehumanize' blacks, study says
Newsweek, 06.03.2014

The Face Behind Bitcoin

Leah McGrath Goodman

ITV News, 06.03.2014

Police: Review may have 'negative impact on policing'

Undercover police inquiry after Lawrence corruption findings, 07.03.2014

Educated and well paid women 'more likely to suffer domestic abuse'

Women earning more than 67 per cent of the total household income were seven times more likely to experience psychological and physical abuse compared to lower paid women

Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent

EurekAlert!, 07.03.2014

Ever-so-slight delay improves decision-making accuracy

Findings could improve understanding of ADHD, schizophrenia, and other neuropsychiatric diseases
Northeastern University, 07.03.2014

The dark side of fair play

Angela Herring

EurekAlert!, 07.03.2014

After years of improving, rates of youth suicide-related behaviors stopped declining

TORONTO, March 7, 2014 -- A new study from St. Michael's Hospital found that, after four years of declining, the rates of teenagers coming into Ontario emergency departments with suicide-related behaviours stopped dropping between 2006 and 2010.
New York Times, 07.03.2014

Adding Elders and Children to a Domestic Violence Law


New York Times, 07.03.2014

Decades After London Racial Killing, Inquiry Shows Police Spied on Victim’s Parents

LONDON — More than 20 years after the murder of a young black man became a symbol of Britain’s troubled race relations, an inquiry published Thursday disclosed that undercover officers spied on the victim’s parents as they campaigned for a thorough investigation into their son’s killing., 07.03.2014

Russian money: too big to sanction?

By Robert Barrington

Newsweek Filed, 07.03.2014

Newsweek's Statement on the Bitcoin Story

Newsweek Staff

Health Affairs (blog)-, 07.03.2014

How Will California’s Penal System Respond To The ‘Perfect Storm’?

Jonathan Simon

The Economist, 08.03.2014

Gift of the grab

The boom in British gangster literature may be coming to an end
New Haven Register, 08.03.2014

New Haven detectives go to school, train in simulated-crime situations

Rich Scinto

Worcester Telegram, 09.03.2014

As US states allow pot sales, Dutch reverse course

Mike Corder

The Voice Online, 09.03.2014

Helping the hidden victims of domestic violence

Nurses in North West England set to lead the fight against abuse in groundbreaking hospital project LIFELINE: Victim Support offers hope to men and women trying to escape domestic violence
Los Angeles Post-Examiner, 09.03.2014

How the firearms industry benefits from America´s gun violence epidemic

Topher McDougal Robert Muggah

National Post, 09.03.2014

Middle-aged people actually more likely to fall victim to con artists than ‘risk averse’ senior citizens, study says

Tom Blackwell

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 09.03.2014

N.J. Solitary Confinement: Extreme Cases of Life ‘In the Box’

Gary Gately

The Conversation, 09.03.2014

Gender, culture and class collude in violence against women

Anastasia Powell

Oxford American, 10.03.2014

That Chop on the Upbeat

John Jeremiah Sullivan

EurekAlert!, 10.03.2014

Computer system simulates the behavior of tax evaders

Improving inspections can be a more effective anti-fraud measure than increasing fines
EurekAlert!, 10.03.2014

US cocaine use cut by half, while marijuana consumption jumps, study finds

The use of cocaine dropped sharply across the United States from 2006 to 2010, while the amount of marijuana consumed increased significantly during the same period, according to a new report.
Sydney Morning Herald, 10.03.2014

Domestic violence: police often blame victims

Most women named in AVOs in domestic situations were wrongly branded as perpetrators, according to figures that expose inadequacies in the police response to violence in the home.

Rachel Olding, Nick Ralston, 10.03.2014

International Corrections

Terry Campbell

Mother Jones, 10.03.2014

Your Rap Lyrics Can Be Held Against You in a Court of Law

Defendants' amateur rhymes are regularly used against them in criminal proceedings.

Lauren Williams

The Age, 10.03.2014

Are we there yet?

Last year in Victoria alone, more than 61,000 incidences of family violence were reported. Professor Cathy Humphreys of the Department of Social Work researches family and domestic violence. She says there is a clear relationship between gender equity and more respectful relationships between men and women.

Zoe Nikakis

PLoS Blogs (blog)-, 10.03.2014

Book Review: ‘Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare’

Peter Gøtzsche

ABC Online, 10.03.2014

Police intercept drone allegedly trying to deliver drugs to a jail

In Victoria, police have intercepted a drone allegedly trying to deliver a stash of drugs across a prison wall, west of Melbourne. A man was subsequently arrested

Alison Caldwell

The Huffington Post, 10.03.2014

Just How Much The War On Drugs Impacts Our Overcrowded Prisons, In One Chart

Kathleen Miles

Birmingham Mail, 11.03.2014

Debate focuses on Black Men, Invisibility and Crime

Gary Young

New York Times, 11.03.2014

Europe's Dismal Record on Gender


660 News, 11.03.2014

Notion that seniors are more often victims of consumer fraud may be myth: study

Sheryl Ubelacker

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 11.03.2014

Why antisocial youths are less able to take the perspective of others

Neuroimaging study of social interaction with delinquent adolescents
University of Missouri-Columbia, 11.03.2014

Youth Who Help Others and Volunteer are Less Likely to Associate with Deviant Peers and Engage in Problem Behaviors, MU Researcher Finds

Intervention programs should focus on encouraging “prosocial” behaviors in youth
WWMT-TV- Updated, 11.03.2014

KDPS unveils plan to address racial profiling study

New York Daily News (blog), 12.03.2014

Bratton rides the rails


Fox News, 12.03.2014

The Internet in 2025: Dark and ubiquitous

Tia Ghose

Truth-Out, 12.03.2014

From Fallujah to the San Fernando Valley, Police Use Analytics to Target "High-Crime" Areas

Darwin Bond Graham and Ali Winston, Truthout | News Analysis

Texas Public Radio-, 12.03.2014

Policing In HD

Very soon traffic stops, and every other public interaction the community has with the police, could be videotaped.

Paul Flahive

The Guardian, 12.03.2014

An online Magna Carta: Berners-Lee calls for bill of rights for web

Exclusive: web's inventor warns neutrality under sustained attack from governments and corporations

Jemima Kiss

New York Times, 12.03.2014

Conflict Erupts in Public Rebuke on C.I.A. Inquiry


University of Washington, 13.03.2014

Negative effects of joining a gang last long after gang membership ends

Doree Armstrong

American Thinker (blog)-, 13.03.2014

American Thinker (blog)-

Jason Kissner

Los Angeles Times, 13.03.2014

An algorithm to decide early release of inmates: What could go wrong?

Ted Rall

Phys.Org, 13.03.2014

In court, gruesome details equal harsher punishment

( —In court arguments, the less gruesome the description of a crime, the less likely the punishment will match U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, according to researSteve Hartsoe chers at Duke University.
Toronto Star, 13.03.2014

Free to walk away? Toronto police board draft policy emphasizes rights

New draft carding policy will emphasize an individual's rights when they are stopped on foot and questioned by police without reasonable suspicion
EurekAlert!, 13.03.2014

You should be ashamed -- or maybe not

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) — Shame on you. These three simple words can temporarily — or, when used too often, permanently — destroy an individual's sense of value and self-worth.
ABC Local, 13.03.2014

Research to look at FASD rates among young offenders

New research is set to provide a better picture of those affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in the WA prison system.

Vanessa Mills and Hilary Smale

The Age, 13.03.2014

Communities can't stop binge drinking on their own, says new study

Lucy Carroll

Youth Today Online, 14.03.2014

OP-ED: Fear, Race and Bias Inside and Outside the System

John Lash

Salon, 14.03.2014

Legal weed’s race problem: White men get rich, black men stay in prison

Even with legalization, the devastating legacy of the drug war lingers, says Professor Michelle Alexander

April M. Short

Washington Post-, 14.03.2014

Two books about Kitty Genovese

Jonathan Yardley, 14.03.2014

LGBT victims of domestic abuse are rarely catered for – or acknowledged

While activists for heterosexual victims of domestic violence have ensured measures such as Clare's law, LGBT people have fallen through the cracks

Ally Fogg

The Guardian, 14.03.2014

Britain is treating journalists as terrorists – believe me, I know

My links to WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden mean I am treated as a threat and can't return to the UK. We need a free speech roadmap

Sarah Harrison

The Economist, 15.03.2014

Missing a beat

The coalition’s big police reform looks increasingly flawed
NDTV ‎, 15.03.2014

Satellite firm says its data from jet could offer location

Chris Buckley and Nicola Clark,

Los Angeles Times, 15.03.2014

Letters: Cannabis clash in California

Re "New rules for medical pot," Editorial, March 12
Hartlepool Mail, 15.03.2014

Cops join forces with Durham Univeristy to research experiences of domestic abuse victims

A POLICE force and university have teamed up to conduct research into victims’ experiences when reporting incidents of domestic abuse.
Statesman Journal, 15.03.2014

Help for young families is a tool for fighting crime

Walt Beglau

Centre Daily Times, 15.03.2014

Looking back on ‘Bloody Sunday’

Peniel E. Joseph

Mintpress News, 15.03.2014

Interview: Writer Kristof Clerix Talks About Europe’s Hotbed For Spies, Brussels

In an interview with MintPress, Belgian journalist and author Kristof Clerix discusses the history of Brussels as a hot bed for spies and espionage.

Magda Fahsi

The Aviationist (blog), 16.03.2014

What SATCOM, ACARS and Pings tell us about the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

David Cenciotti

New York Times, 16.03.2014

A Rare Opportunity on Criminal Justice

The current Congress is the place where virtually all legislation, however urgent or reasonable, goes to die. Yet out of this stew of partisan mistrust and dysfunction there may come one promising and unexpected achievement: the first major reforms to America’s broken criminal justice system in a generation.
Huffington Post, 16.03.2014

Crowd Control

Political Revolt and the Accumulation of More Lewis Lapham Editor of Lapham's Quarterly
Chicago Tribune-, 16.03.2014

Educating juveniles in the justice system

Micah J. Miner

New York Times, 16.03.2014

The Age of Individualism

Ross Douthat

New York Times, 16.03.2014

Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science

As government financing of basic science research has plunged, private donors have filled the void, raising questions about the future of research for the public good.


CNN-, 17.03.2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search grows as pilots face increased scrutiny

Steve Almasy, Chelsea J. Carter and Jim Clancy,

Men's Journal, 17.03.2014

The Ivory Highway

Inside one of the world's largest, most shadowy criminal trafficking networks – from the jungles of Cameroon to the black-market bazaars of Beijing.

Damon Tabor

Cambridge Now!-, 17.03.2014

University Profs Launch Important Website Aimed at Preventing Domestic Homicide

Domestic Homicides Can No Longer Be Explained Away As Crimes of Passion
Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 17.03.2014

Tough Guise: Violence in male stereotypes

APRIL ALLEN Pilot-Tribune Staff

Huffington Post, 17.03.2014

This Program Would Save Heroin Addicts' Lives, Help Curb Disease And Save Money

Kathleen Miles

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 17.03.2014

To Reduce Juvenile Recidivism at Rikers, New York City Bets on ABLE

Ken Stier

The Plain Dealer, 17.03.2014

Crime hotspots to be identified by Kent State researchers

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Urban crime hotspots in northeast Ohio will be identified through interviews and mapping by Kent State University researchers

Karen Farkas, The Plain Dealer

Firedoglake, 17.03.2014

Police Impunity and Law Enforcement’s Increasing Acceptance of Body-Mounted Cameras

Kevin Gosztola, 17.03.2014

Couple Motivated By Tragedy Teaches Others Community Safety

New Republic online, 17.03.2014

Far-Right Forces are Influencing Russia's Actions in Crimea


Huffington Post, 17.03.2014

Medical Identity Theft: Does The Health Care Industry Think It's Too Big for Its Breaches?

Adam Levin

The Globe and Mail, 18.03.2014

Zero-tolerance policies discourage the reporting of cyberbullying, study finds

Adopting a zero-tolerance policy may be hurting educators’ ability to respond to cyberbullying among their students.


New Indian Express, 18.03.2014

'Policing Must Evolve as a Specialised Profession'

B Sandhya - KOCHI

Pacific Standard, 18.03.2014

Joining a Gang Makes People Sick

Lauren Kirchner

Wiley, 18.03.2014

Some truth to the ‘potent pot myth’

University of Northern British Columbia, 18.03.2014

Canadian Drinking-Age Laws Have Significant Effect on Deaths Among Young Males,, 18.03.2014

The pain of flight MH370 lies in its ambiguity

Families of passengers of the missing Malaysian airlines plane may be faced with a lifetime of unresolved grief. But there is a way for them to find healing

Pauline Boss

Pew Research Center, 18.03.2014

In 2013, 59% of deported immigrants convicted of a crime

Jens Manuel Krogstad and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, 19.03.2014

Research: Extended bar hours may not fight LoDo crime

DENVER - New research from a Metro State University criminal justice class finds extending hours at lower downtown bars may not help reduce violence in the area.
EurekAlert!, 19.03.2014

Youth, wealth and education found to be risk factors for violent radicalization

Le Monde diplomatique English edition, 19.03.2014

Shadows of a thug state

The revelations of Edward Snowden, and the other leakers of US intelligence, have given Americans the illusion that they really know what their government is up to. They don’t. It’s far bigger, and far worse.

Tom Engelhardt

Huffington Post, 19.03.2014

These 'Bitcoins For Marijuana' Try To Solve Legal Weed's Big Heist Problem

Matt Ferner

The Atlantic-, 19.03.2014

Is Stop-and-Frisk Worth It?

Civil-rights activists are ecstatic that a federal judge declared the NYPD’s policy unconstitutional. But law-enforcement officials say the practice has made U.S. cities dramatically safer

Daniel Bergner

WhoWhatWhy, 19.03.2014

Crime’s Down, So Why is Police Aggression Increasing?

Dave Lindorff

The New Republic online, 19.03.2014

Drug Dealers Aren't to Blame for the Heroin Boom. Doctors Are.


The New Republic online, 19.03.2014

Drug Dealers Aren't to Blame for the Heroin Boom. Doctors Are.


Tablet Magazine, 19.03.2014

In Europe, Anti-Semitism Looks Like Other Hate Crimes

But 68 percent of Jews said in a survey they hide their Jewishness sometimes

Daniel Zylbersztajn

Charlotte Observer, 19.03.2014

Feds accused of steering funding to anti-pot researchers

Rob Hotakainen, McClatchy

Community Safety Resource Centre, 19.03.2014

Project Guardian week of action makes 16 arrests for sexual offences

Sixteen arrests for sexual offences have been made following a partnership week of action on London’s underground, trains and buses, to improve reporting and prosecution of offenders involved in sexual assault and harassment offences on London’s transport network.
New York Observer, 20.03.2014

Me, Myself and My Stolen ID

From data breaches to drug runners--navigating the new world of identity crime

Rafi Kohan

EurekAlert!, 20.03.2014

Childhood abuse may impair weight-regulating hormones

Early stress on endocrine system raises risk of excess belly fat later in life, 20.03.2014

Social networks in homes help preschool children who see domestic violence

ANN ARBOR—Having adult family members in the home can buffer the risk of stress and depression for preschool children who witness domestic violence, a new University of Michigan study found.
Arizona Daily Star, 20.03.2014

Divert and treat: "Tough on crime" goes only so far

Christian Science Monitor, 20.03.2014

Why land rights may hold key to curbing drug smuggling in Central America

A new study on Central America and Mexico suggests that strengthening land rights for forest-dwelling and coastal indigenous groups can help curb drug trafficking.

Zach Dyer, Contributor

Daily Caller, 20.03.2014

Study: Spoiled, wealthy college students more likely to support terrorism

Scott Greer

Daily Caller, 20.03.2014

Study: Spoiled, wealthy college students more likely to support terrorism

Scott Greer

Wall Street Journal online, 20.03.2014

Child-Abuse Deaths Prompt Lawmakers to Weigh Overhauls

Arian Campo-Flores

The New Republic, 20.03.2014

Q&A: A New Book's Explosive Claims About Pakistan and Osama Bin Laden


The New Republic, 20.03.2014

The Unwisdom of Crowds - Why people-powered revolutions are overrated

Anne Applebaum is the author of Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956 and Gulag: A History.


The New York Review of Books, 20.03.2014

India: You’re Criminal If Gay

Leila Seth

Stanford Report, 20.03.2014

Stanford student project shows public benefit of expunging some criminal convictions

A Stanford student project found that erasing some criminal convictions from the public record makes it easier for those offenders to find employment - increasing tax revenues and decreasing public assistance payments.

Clifton B. Parker

EurekAlert!, 20.03.2014

Can 'love hormone' protect against addiction?

Addictive behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse could be associated with poor development of the so-called "love hormone" system in our bodies during early childhood, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.
EurekAlert!, 20.03.2014

Future generations could inherit drug and alcohol use

HUNTSVILLE, TX (3/20/14) -- Parents who use alcohol, marijuana, and drugs have higher frequencies of children who pick up their habits, according to a study from Sam Houston State University.
Pew Research Center, 20.03.2014

What happens to the internet after the U.S. hands off ICANN to others?

Lee Rainie (press release), 21.03.2014

Regaining trust key to restorative justice

Press Release

EurekAlert!, 21.03.2014

Playing as black: Avatar race affects white video game players

Whites act more aggressively after they play as black avatars
University of Toronto Posted, 21.03.2014

Computers spot false faces better than people

Newswise Released, 21.03.2014

Black Students and the Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

Travis Gosa, an expert on race relations, African American History and professor of African American Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University, says the data released Friday by the Education Department's civil rights office reveal frightening racial disparities in early childhood education.
Bloomberg, 21.03.2014

Bratton Seeks to Export New York Crime-Fighting Miracle

Henry Goldman

American Thinker (blog)-, 21.03.2014

Guess who's coming to terror?

A new British study of Muslims who become radicalized turns liberal victimology theories inside out. The Investigative Project on Terrorism summarizes the findings.

Thomas Lifson

The blog of the Crown Prosecution Service, 21.03.2014

First Prosecutions for Female Genital Mutilation

Two men, Dr Dharmasena and Mr Hasan Mohamed will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on 15 April, 2014, charged with offences in connection with the genital mutilation of a female patient.
The Economist, 22.03.2014

Cops or soldiers?

America’s police have become too militarised (blog), 23.03.2014

Google, Facebook, Amazon: algorithms will soon rule our lives so we'd better understand how they work

Jamie Bartlett

Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra, 23.03.2014

Some police figures 'made up'

Some police stop and search figures "are being made up", according to the Chief Constable.
New York Times Sunday Magazine, 23.03.2014

What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden


Daily Beast- Books, 23.03.2014

The Domestic Spying of Hoover’s FBI Is an Eerie Prequel to the NSA’s Snooping Today

EurekAlert! PUBLIC RELEASE DATE, 24.03.2014

Alcohol's role in traffic deaths vastly underreported: Study

New York Times, 24.03.2014

Britain’s Bobbies in the Dock

Kenan Malik

Association for Psychological Science, 24.03.2014

The Unconscious Mind Can Detect a Liar — Even When the Conscious Mind Fails

EurekAlert!, 24.03.2014

Violent video games associated with increased aggression in children

Habitually playing violent video games appears to increase aggression in children, regardless of parental involvement and other factors.
EurekAlert!, 24.03.2014

Research finds moving public assistance payments from cash to plastic cuts crime

ATLANTA--Counties that change their delivery of public assistance benefits from paper checks to an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system – using debit cards – see their street crimes drop significantly, according to a study published today by the National Bureau of Economic Research.
The Jewish Press, 24.03.2014

Younger, Educated and Affluent: the UK’s Terror Sympathizers

Originally published at The Investigative Project on Terrorism. / Steve Emerson

Steve Emerson

The Conversation, 24.03.2014

Wanted: crime-fighting academics to catch corporate criminals

The West Australian, 24.03.2014

Domestic violence costs jobs

More than half domestic violence victims have had to switch jobs or reduce their working hours as a result of being abused, WA researchers have found

Natalie Brown The West Australian

Metro, 24.03.2014

British teenager and boyfriend allegedly commit suicide after killing US policeman

A British teenager and her American boyfriend have been found dead after allegedly shooting a US police officer.
The Daily Beast, 24.03.2014

MH370’s Pilots Behaved As They Should in an Emergency, Not as Sinister Killers

New information shows the aircrew was trying to bring the Boeing 777 to safety, not commit mass murder as the Malaysian government implied.
Forbes, 24.03.2014

Three Ways To Fight Fraud In A World Of Big Data

IBM Smarter Planet Contributor IBM Smarter Planet Contributor, IBM Smarter Planet By Robert Griffin, VP of Counter Fraud Solutions, IBM

Robert Griffin

The Atlantic, 24.03.2014

Reviewing the Rationale for Stop-and-Frisk

A ban on this effective crime-fighting technique would only make life worse for low-income African Americans. This post is part of a debate series on “Is Stop and Frisk Worth It?," an article featured in the current issue of The Atlantic magazine.

Paul Larkin

Huffington Post, 24.03.2014

Community Policing and Child Development: Averting Traumatic Disorders

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD Medical director, New York State Office of Mental Health

SFGate, 24.03.2014

Blacks stopped more often in Oakland, data show

Nearly two-thirds of the stops made by Oakland police between April and December last year involved black people, according to data released Monday by the city in an effort to made policing practices more transparent.

Will Kane

amNY, 24.03.2014

Changing NYPD culture not so easy

Leonard Levitt (blog), 24.03.2014

Canadian criminology professor to study online trolls

Western University professor Michael Arntfield will examine the language that trolls use online

Craig Takeuchi

Los Angeles Times, 24.03.2014

San Diego police to undergo federal review amid assault cases

Laura Duffy, Shelley Zimmerman, Kevin Faulconer

EurekAlert!, 25.03.2014

Recreational drug users who switch from ecstasy to mephedrone don't understand the dangers

EurekAlert!, 25.03.2014

Coerced sex not uncommon for young men, teenage boys, study finds

Result is distress and risky behavior, but not lower self-esteem, according to research
Population Council, 25.03.2014

New Study from Population and Development Review Finds That Indian Women with More Resources than Their Husbands Face Heightened Risk of Violence

"Women's and Men's Relative Status and Intimate Partner Violence in India,"

Abigail Weitzman

MWC News, 25.03.2014

Bruce Hoffman: ‘Inside Terrorism’

"Presumptuous and devoid of scholarly value" The author was for a long time a director at RAND Corporation in Washington, which he designates in his book as an “independent, objective, nonpartisan research institution” (p. xi).

Elias Davidsson

The Independent, 25.03.2014

Cyber-bullies could be given tougher sentences

The proposals were put forward by an MP whose 14-year-old constituent was bombarded with obscene messages

Joseph Watts

The Atlantic, 25.03.2014

How the Decline of Cash Makes America a Safer Country

Yet another reason to hate coins and bills: They're the lifeblood of the criminal underworld.

Derek Thompson

Evening Standard, 25.03.2014

Shaun Bailey: We must intervene early to stop re-offending

The public see prison as punishment, whereas professionals see it as rehabilitation. We need both Time for change: our prison system is trapped in a cycle that is letting down the public

Shaun Bailey

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 25.03.2014

Study: Illinois Far Behind, Too Harsh With Juvenile Sex Offenders on Registry, Discipline

Lily Oberman

Practical Ethics (blog), 25.03.2014

Can solitary confinement be justified?

William Isdale

Huffington Post Canada, 25.03.2014

B.C. Prescription Heroin: Addicts Ask For Injunction To Keep Using

Dene Moore, 26.03.2014

New Australian study reveals the long-term impacts of domestic violence

HALF of women who are victims of domestic violence change their jobs or hours of work as a result of their abuse.
EurekAlert!, 26.03.2014

UT Dallas study: No correlation between medical marijuana legalization, crime increase

Legalization may reduce homicide, assault rates
EurekAlert!, 26.03.2014

Real-life CSI: What can investigators really tell from gunshot residue?

The Atlantic, 26.03.2014

Stop-and-Frisk Didn't Make New York Safer

There's no good evidence that the invasive policing strategy brought down crime. The real question is what made crime rates climb in the first place. This post is part of a debate series on “Is Stop and Frisk Worth It?," an article featured in the current issue of The Atlantic magazine.

Donald Braman

CNN, 27.03.2014

How your brain makes moral judgments

Elizabeth Landau

Medscape, 27.03.2014

Homicide, Suicide Risk 'Overlooked' in Dementia Patients

Deborah Brauser

Florida Courier, 27.03.2014

Study: Racism fueled by violent video games

“What happens when White video game players see themselves as Black characters in a violent game?”, 27.03.2014

Call for more action to combat money laundering

77% of consumers said it was "easy" to buy illegal cigarettes - report
EurekAlert!, 27.03.2014

Four in 10 infants lack strong parental attachments

The New Yorker online, 27.03.2014

The Afterlife of Pia Farrenkopf

Carmen Maria Machado

EurekAlert!, 27.03.2014

Neurobiologists find chronic stress in early life causes anxiety, aggression in adulthood

The Globe and Mail, 28.03.2014

The raging debate over rape culture


Newswise Released, 28.03.2014

Brain Scans Link Concern for Justice with Reason, Not Emotion

The Journal of Neuroscience

Newswise Released, 28.03.2014

UAB Study Aims High-Tech Mapping at Violence in Mexico

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 28.03.2014

Beggars, Inc.

Romanians Duped into Panhandling in Germany

Katrin Kuntz

EurekAlert!, 28.03.2014

NUS researchers developed world's first fluorescent sensor to detect date rape drug

noodls, 28.03.2014

Government closes the net on tenancy cheats

Across England it is estimated that 98,000 social homes are being unlawfully occupied, with those tenancy cheats sub-letting living off the profits elsewhere. In some inner London boroughs cases of social housing fraud are as high 1 in 20 properties. This could be costing taxpayers as much as £1.8 billion a year.
National Post, 29.03.2014

The problem’s with Sweden’s prostitution law

Calum Bennachie, National Post

Sydney Morning Herald, 29.03.2014

Legal dirty tricks drag out domestic victim trauma: advocates

Rachel Olding

Sydney Morning Herald, 29.03.2014

Pedophile support programs challenge community hatred

Daniella Miletic, Social Affairs Editor

Green Bay Press Gazette, 29.03.2014

Agents, lawmakers seek new tools to fight human trafficking in Wisconsin

Shereen Siewert Gannett

Herald Scotland, 30.03.2014

LibDem leader calls for end to stop and search 'abuse'

Tom Gordon, Scottish Political Editor

The Conversation, 30.03.2014

Tranquil travel: violence on our public transport networks

Slate Magazine, 31.03.2014

Why Whites Support Capital Punishment

Nearly twice as many whites as blacks favor the death penalty. There is a simple, and disturbing, reason why.

Jamelle Bouie

The New Yorker, 31.03.2014

How not to negotiate with believers.

Malcolm Gladwell

Prevention Action, 31.03.2014

School lessons in empathy lead to lower levels of aggression

Aggressive behavior in schools is a problem that can seriously disrupt teaching and learning for all students, not just those that are hostile or engage in fighting. Spanish research suggests that a socio-emotional learning (SEL) program can help to reduce aggression among youth by increasing their levels of empathy.
Sydney Morning Herald, 31.03.2014

Mandatory sentencing creates a risk of excessive punishments

The mandatory minimum sentence debate is not over. Clearly it's a controversial topic, given it's been rejected twice in the NSW upper house, and has caused widespread debate in the community.

Stephen Odgers, 31.03.2014

Tech inefficiencies in UK policing cost £221m a year

Caroline Baldwin