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register for the CEP Workshop on Juveniles and Young Adult Offenders

"We are pleased to invite you to attend the CEP workshop on Juveniles and Young Adult Offenders that will take place on 21 June at the Center for Legal Studies in Barcelona, Catalonia – Spain.

With this workshop, CEP will bring together professionals from different European countries. The workshop will cover the topic from the perspective of probation and other criminal justice professionals including offenders and victims. During this workshop, we will discuss the effective and efficient ways of working with juveniles and young adults who have offended, which programmes are used to prevent juveniles from being involved with crimes, support the treatment process, among others. A World Café session will bring together smaller groups of participants to discuss and share knowledge and experience from their jurisdictions. Thus, it will support mutual learning as one of the core skills necessary for further professional development of themselves and their organisations."


The programme can be downloaded here.

AIC report: Children’s exposure to intimate partner violence and physical and emotional abuse

The Australian Institute of Criminology has released a new report on children’s exposure to intimate partner violence against their female carers, and their direct experiences of physical and emotional abuse.

  • This study draws on a survey of almost 4,000 female carers living in Australia during 2021, at the height of COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Among the female carers surveyed, 14.1 percent indicated that a child in their care had been exposed to intimate partner violence perpetrated against them in the last 12 months, and 11.5 percent indicated that a child in their care had been the target of direct abuse perpetrated by their current or most recent former partner.
  • Female carers who experienced pandemic-related financial strain, employment issues and isolation were significantly more likely to report that children in their care had directly experienced abuse, as were Indigenous carers and those living with a restrictive health condition.

Read Exposure to intimate partner violence and the physical and emotional abuse of children: Results from a national survey of female carers

Last call to register for the CEP Webinar on Radicalisation


Last call to register for the
CEP Webinar on Radicalisation

CEP Webinar on Radicalisation will take place on 14 June from 11:00 to 12:45 CET via Zoom. The webinar is free of charge.

"In this webinar, we will address the topic of radicalisation from the perspective of two EU jurisdictions that have faced the different trends in their countries. The first presentation will discuss the disengagement and reintegration of radicalised inmates from the French experience. The second presentation will focus on the topics discussed in the virtual environment of the internet and social media, accentuating new trends and potential security threats related to radicalisation and inclination to extreme violence. The last presentation will cover the work of the Council of Europe´s Council for Penological Cooperation (PC-CP)."


The programme can be downloaded here.
Information on the presentations and speakers can be downloaded here.

Registration and fees

Click here to register.

The registration deadline is 12 June 2023.

Please note that the link to the webinar will be sent to all registered participants on 13 June 2023.