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Call for expressions of interest 16th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, 2026

The International Organizing Committee (IOC) of the bi-annual World Conferences on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion is inviting expressions of interest from organizations interested in hosting the 16th World Conference in 2026. These organizations must be academic, research, non-governmental practice, or governmental in nature (for-profit enterprises or commercial conference centres are ineligible).


The IOC is particularly encouraging bids from regions of the world that have not hosted a World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion in recent years.


Expressions of interest should provide brief information (4 pages) on:

1.     The mission and structure of the lead organization, with links to governmental, academic and international networks in which the organization is active (one page);

2.     Relevant institutions and collaborators (research, NGOs, practice) within the national network on injury and violence prevention (one page);

3.     Rationale, describing why the lead organization wants to host the conference (one page); and

4.     Existing financial resources and potential sponsors identified for the event on one page including any national government commitments.


After receipt of the responses to this call (deadline: May 1, 2024), the IOC will invite up to three candidates to prepare a full bid document to be submitted before June 30, 2024. Final selection and designation of the host institution and country will take place by August 2024. This allows the new host country to prepare the launch presentation of Safety 2026 in the closing session of the 15th World Conference in India in September 2024 (

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