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New AIC research explores the support needs of victim-survivors of sexual exploitation in Australia


Link to:  Sexual exploitation in Australia: Victim-survivor support needs and barriers to support provision

The research, conducted in partnership with Project Respect and Australian Red Cross, analysed data collected for 50 female-identifying victim-survivors of sexual exploitation. It found:

  • The primary support needs of victim-survivors were related to financial hardship, mental health, social and community engagement, housing and accommodation, legal issues, visa issues, employment and education, safety, physical health, and domestic and family violence.
  • Most victim-survivors had multiple co-occurring support needs, requiring support across (on average) six domains during their engagement with service providers.
  • There were numerous barriers to supporting the recovery of victim-survivors. These included victim-survivors’ visa and residency status, access to suitable and consistent accommodation, as well as internalised shame and fear of retribution from perpetrators.


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