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UCL: 14th International Crime Science Conference


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With one month left until the 14th International Crime Science Conference organised by the UCL Dawes Centre for Future Crime, we wanted to provide you with more insight on this year's theme - Organised crime: the present and the future.


What are the key challenges of the day? How are those challenges evolving? What might organised crime look like ten, twenty years from now?


Read more about the topics we will cover and how you can book your tickets below.




The conference will take place on 19 June 2023. The day begins with a welcome address at 9.30am, and concludes at 5pm when the drinks reception begins. The reception closes at 7pm.

The programme this year includes sessions on:

  • Backfire effects and unintended consequences in organised crime interventions
  • Organised crime, natural resources and natural disasters  
  • Moral panics, misinformation, and misunderstandings
  • Government responses to organised crime
  • Policing organised crime
  • Organised crime groups internationally: activities and counter-measures
  • New and emerging technologies and organised crime
  • Human trafficking and ‘modern slavery’
  • Gangs, groups and drugs  
  • Fraud and financial crime  

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