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Registration Electronic Monitoring Conference 2020 now open!

Registration Electronic Monitoring Conference 2020 now open!

From the 21st until the 23rd of April 2020, it is time for the 12th edition of the Electronic Monitoring Conference in Helsinki, Finland. This years theme will be ‘Electronic monitoring and probation goals: a symbiotic relationship’.

Electronic monitoring remains a relatively isolated example of the widespread deployment of technologies in probation practice and community sanctions more broadly. Technologies are already part of our everyday lives but, in common with other public services, are likely to effect on probation practice. As technologies develop and begin to penetrate into probation practices to a greater extent, the challenges of using them in ways which complement probation work grows.

The focus of the 12th electronic monitoring conference will be on developing understanding of how electronic monitoring can support probation practices and how other technologies may assist with the use of EM to meet probation goals.

Key questions which will be addressed are:

  1. what are the ethical challenges of integrating a range of technologies into probation practice;
  2. what novel technologies are available to support probation goals and electronic monitoring and how are they currently deployed;
  3. what are the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence with electronic monitoring;
  4. how to maximise engagement of staff and service users with the help of electronic monitoring and other technologies.

For more information about the programme of the conference or the registration, please visit the CEP website.


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