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Economic and social costs of reoffending. Analytical report

Published 18 July 2019


Ministry of Justice


Estimates of the cost to society of reoffending by adults, and children and young people in England and Wales.

This research estimates the economic and social costs of reoffending to society. Costs are presented separately for both adults, and children and young people and broken down by index disposal, reoffence group, and major cost category. The research looks at the cost of reoffending over a 12-month follow-up period for a 2016 offender cohort.

It can be used by policy makers to assess the value for money of interventions that aim to reduce reoffending. Furthermore, the analyses by reoffence group and index disposal provide a level of granularity which enables a firmer understanding of the potential impacts of policy decisions and the feasibility of future options compared to previous estimates.

Supplementary tables break down these cost estimates to a finer level for use by researchers

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