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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Trace, 01.01.2019

What Can We Learn From Chicago’s Declining Gun Violence?

Brian Freskos

Yorkshire Post, 01.01.2019

Why violent video games like Grand Theft Auto can bring out the best in players

New Zealand Herald, 01.01.2019

The curious case of the burgled professor

Matt Nippert

European Eye on Radicalization, 02.01.2019

An Interview with Daniel Koehler, German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies

Sara Brzuszkiewicz

EurekAlert, 02.01.2019

Fractures in children often indicate abuse

Pacific Standard, 02.01.2019

Meet the Tattoo Artist Who Erases Racist Ink

Thea Glassman

Calgary Herald, 02.01.2019

History’s oldest woman a fraud? Researchers claim Jeanne Calment, 122, was actually a 99-year-old imposter

Tristin Hopper

The Atlantic, 03.01.2019

The New Authoritarians Are Waging War on Women

Peter Beinart

Forbes, 03.01.2019

Mental Health And Terrorism: What Are The Links?

Nikita Malik

The Conversation, 03.01.2019

What Britons get wrong about immigration – and how to fix these misperceptions

Bobby Duffy

EurekAlert, 03.01.2019

Do large human crowds exhibit a collective behavior?

EurekAlert, 03.01.2019

What predicts teen partner rape?

Michigan State University

Pacific Standard, 03.01.2019

Yoga Mats in the Squad Room

Jess McHugh

The Atlantic, 03.01.2019

Germany’s Leading Magazine Published Falsehoods About American Life

James Kirchick

The Independent, 04.01.2019

Domestic killings are often foreseeable, so why is the US failing to protect women?

The Conversation, 04.01.2019

Many hate crimes never make it into the FBI’s database

Sophie Bjork

The Conversation, 04.01.2019

Two New Year’s stabbings and an urgent lesson in how to react to terrorism

Steve Hewitt

New York Times, 05.01.2019

China Targets Prominent Uighur Intellectuals to Erase an Ethnic Identity

Austin Ramzy

The Guardian online, 06.01.2019

Brain scans show social exclusion creates jihadists, say researchers

Mark Townsend

Deseret News, 06.01.2019

Most ISIS recruits in the U.S. aren't immigrants. They're actually native-born Americans, new study suggests

Gillian Friedman

Just Security, 07.01.2019

Research Shows Terrorists Aren’t Necessarily Uneducated. So How Can Education Prevent Terror?

Liam Duffy

The Conversation, 07.01.2019

3D-printed guns may be more dangerous to their users than targets

Jeremy Straub

The Conversation, 07.01.2019

Knife crime: children are not the problem, they are part of the solution

Kevin Haines

New Republic, 07.01.2019

The Ugly, Illiberal, Anti-Semitic Heart of the Yellow Vest Movement

Alexander Hurst

BMC Blogs Network (blog), 08.01.2019

Hate is in the air! But where? Introducing an algorithm to detect hate speech in digital microenvironments

New York Magazine, 08.01.2019

Did Marijuana Legalization Really Increase Homicide Rates?

Jesse Singal

Phys.Org, 08.01.2019

How police body cam videos impact jurors differently than dashcam videos

Bob Yirka

Erie News Now, 08.01.2019

What 7 statistics tell us about immigration and crime

Catherine E. Shoichet

New York Times, 08.01.2019

How Cities Make Money by Fining the Poor

Matthew Shaer

European Eye on Radicalization, 09.01.2019

A Talk with the European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

Sara Brzuszkiewicz

EurekAlert!, 09.01.2019

Child abuse linked to risk of suicide in later life

University of Manchester

Health & Medical, Psychological, Society & Culture, Violence, 09.01.2019

Violent Crime Can Break Hearts, Literally, For Those Even In Safest Neighborhoods

Calum Mckinney

The Conversation, 09.01.2019

Are women escaping family violence overseas considered refugees?

Tamara Wood, Andrew and Renata Kaldor

The Conversation, 10.01.2019

Sex offender registries don’t prevent re-offending (and vigilante justice is real)

Maggie Hall

EurekAlert!, 10.01.2019

Top statistical society issues guidance on statistical statements for forensic evidence

American Statistical Association

The Conversation, 10.01.2019

Hearing hate speech primes your brain for hateful actions

Arthur Glenberg

The Conversation, 10.01.2019

Should cyber officials be required to tell victims of cyber crimes they’ve been hacked?

Greg Austin

Newsweek, 10.01.2019

Donald Trump's Mafia Connections: Decades Later, Is He Still Linked to the Mob?

Jeff Stein

Imperial College London, 10.01.2019

Spending six weeks with the Metropolitan Police Service and their data

Jan Povala, Hayley Dunning

The Conversation, 11.01.2019

Why we shouldn’t take selfies at disaster-affected areas

Rizqy Amelia Zein

The Conversation, 11.01.2019

The quiet threat inside ‘internet of things’ devices

Charles T. Harry

The Conversation, 11.01.2019

The prosecution of pirates was a model for today’s system of international justice

Mark Chadwick

New York Times, 11.01.2019

Trump Claims There Is a Crisis at the Border. What’s the Reality?


Berkshire Eagle, 11.01.2019

At-home DNA test results could solve cold cases

Daron Taylor and Taylor Turner

Jacobin Magazine, 12.01.2019

The War on Terror’s Reeducation Camps

Maryam Jamshidi

The Conversation, 13.01.2019

How governments use Big Data to violate human rights

Andrew Thompson

New York Times, 13.01.2019

Policing Requires Science

The New Yorker, 14.01.2019

The French Burglar Who Pulled Off His Generation’s Biggest Art Heist

Jake Halpern, 14.01.2019

The beat cop who lends an ear to criminals

Sarah Schulman, 14.01.2019

Houston police team up with Ring app to tackle crime

St. John Barned-Smith

Newswise, 14.01.2019

Hostage Negotiation Competition simulates stress, challenges faced by law enforcement

The Guardian, 14.01.2019

What would make a woman go back to Boko Haram? Despair

Azadeh Moaveni

The Marshall Project, 14.01.2019

How Dangerous is Marijuana, Really?, 15.01.2019

Victims of crime to be given dogs to stroke to help keep them calm in police interviews

Telegraph Reporters

Georgia State University, 15.01.2019

Software To Identify Islamic State Propaganda Developed By Georgia State Researcher, Collaborators

EurekAlert, 15.01.2019

Cop voice: Jay-Z, Public Enemy songs highlight police tactic to frighten people of color

Binghamton University

The New Republic, 15.01.2019

The Philosophical Roots of Today’s Immigration Debate

Alexis Papazoglou

The New Republic, 15.01.2019

What makes a protest powerful?

Micah L. Sifry

The Guardian, 15.01.2019

'We're dealing with a black market': is taking pills becoming more dangerous?

Michael McGowan

EIN News, 15.01.2019

"Conducting Legal Research in the Age of the Internet" review published by K Todd Wallace, Esq.

PublicTechnology, 15.01.2019

How the police wants to use AI and analytics to ‘adopt a public-health approach to crime’

Sam Trendall

The Conversation, 15.01.2019

Venezuela is fast becoming a ‘mafia state’: here’s what you need to know

Anthea McCarthy-Jones

The Crime Report, 16.01.2019

‘Disrespect’ by Cops Reduces Civilian Reporting of Crime: Study

Middle East Eye, 16.01.2019

UK government fighting to keep details of counter-extremism radio shows secret

Ian Cobain

The Conversation, 16.01.2019

It’s time for a new way to regulate social media platforms

Natasha Tusikov, Blayne Haggart

The Conversation, 16.01.2019

Garbage collection in Syria is crucial to fighting the Islamic State

Mark Ward

The Conversation, 16.01.2019

Why al-Shabaab targets Kenya, and what can be done to stop attacks

Brendon J. Cannon, Martin Plaut

The Conversation, 16.01.2019

Amazon, Facebook and Google don’t need to spy on your conversations to know what you’re talking about

Jason Nurse

war on the rocks, 16.01.2019

Death in the Air: Revisiting the 2001 Anthrax Mailings and the Amerithrax Investigation

Glenn Cross

CBS News, 16.01.2019

Transcript: Robert Pape talks with Michael Morell on "Intelligence Matters"

The Philadephia Citizen, 17.01.2019

Reality Check: More Trees, Less Crime?

Charles D. Ellison

VICE, 17.01.2019

An Interview with Abu Huzaifa, Canadian ISIS Fighter

Ben Makuch

Washington City Paper, 17.01.2019

As Homicides Continue to Rise in D.C., Parents of Gun Violence Victims Reflect on Their Open Wounds

Candace Y.A. Montague

The Hill, 17.01.2019

A blueprint for 21st century policing

David Weisburd and Greg Berman