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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Plymouth Live, 01.05.2019

Police say multi-agency approach needed to tackle knife crime

Carl Eve

The Atlantic, 01.05.2019

The Doorbell Company That’s Selling Fear

Joshua Benton

EurekAlert, 01.05.2019

Half a face enough for recognition technology

University of Bradford

Irish News, 01.05.2019

Changes needed to help older people report crime says age commissioner

Mairead Holland, 01.05.2019

Jeremy Corbyn is either blind to antisemitism – or he just doesn’t care

Jonathan Freedland

The Atlantic, 01.05.2019

Camille Paglia Can’t Say That

Conor Friedersdorf

Newswise (press release), 01.05.2019

Researcher studies bystander behavior in sexual-assault prevention

West Virginia University

New York Times, 01.05.2019

How America’s Oldest Gun Maker Went Bankrupt: A Financial Engineering Mystery

Jesse Barron

The Conversation, 02.05.2019

Street drinking, fly-tipping and nuisance neighbours: who experiences anti-social behaviour?

Becky Thompson, Andromachi Tseloni, James Hunter, Nick Tilley, Puneet Tiwari

The Conversation, 02.05.2019

University of North Carolina at Charlotte shooting has these things in common with other campus shootings

Jillian Peterson, James Densley

Mosaic, 02.05.2019

The Myth That Poverty Causes Terrorism Refuses to Die

Medical Xpress, 02.05.2019

Brain imaging lie detector can be beaten with simple techniques, research shows

University of Plymouth

The Washington Post, 02.05.2019

Want to build a far-right movement? Spain’s Vox party shows how.

Anne Applebaum

The Conversation, 02.05.2019

Friday essay: networked hatred - new technology and the rise of the right

Mark Davis

The Economist, 04.05.2019

The tricky task of policing YouTube

CNBC, 05.05.2019

Cybercrime organizations work just like any other business: Here’s what they do each day

Kate Fazzini, 05.05.2019

Remember Orwell’s chilling warning to boot-licking propagandists...

Nick Cohen, 06.05.2019

New Zealand Police halt review into adopting body cameras

Andrea Vance

MENAFN.COM, 06.05.2019

Sri Lanka- IS fighters dispersing around the world

Easwaran Rutnam

Brookings Institution (blog), 06.05.2019

In strategies to counter violent extremism, politics often trump evidence

Eric Rosand

Infosecurity Magazine, 06.05.2019

Illuminating the Dark Web

Gene Yoo

Is This Really How it Ends?, 06.05.2019

Is This Really How it Ends?

Jan-Werner Müller

Mother Jones May/June, 07.05.2019

Can Domestic Abusers Be Cured?

Erin Stone, 07.05.2019

Head Injuries More Than 5 Times More Common Among Criminal Offenders

Traci Pedersen

The Conversation, 07.05.2019

Fighting knife crime: if police worked closely with academic experts, they’d be less gung-ho about stop and search

Megan O'Neill, Liz Aston

EurekAlert, 07.05.2019

Nursing home cameras aim to protect the vulnerable but present ethical dilemmas

University of Washington


How populists spread vaccine fear

Jonathan Kennedy

Financial Times online, 07.05.2019

UK far-right extremism: hate spreads from the fringe

David Bond and Helen Warrell

The Conversation, 07.05.2019

Online abuse: teenagers might not report it because they often don’t see it as a problem

Holly Powell-Jones

The Conversation, 08.05.2019

Big brother is watching: how new technologies are changing police surveillance

Terry Goldsworthy

CNN Updated, 08.05.2019

Why female shooters are rare

Madison Park and Jacqueline Howard

The Conversation, 08.05.2019

Tracking the DRC’s Allied Democratic Forces and its links to ISIS

Stig Jarle Hansen

The Conversation, 08.05.2019

Electricity grid cybersecurity will be expensive – who will pay, and how much?

Dominic Saebeler

The Conversation, 08.05.2019

From ‘Total exoneration!’ to ‘Impeach now!’ – the Mueller report and dueling fact perceptions

David C. Barker, Morgan Marietta

The Conversation, 08.05.2019

Harsh punishments under Sharia are modern interpretations of an ancient tradition

Jessica Marglin

The Conversation, 08.05.2019

A world without immigration detention is possible

Stephanie J Silverman, Sharry Aiken

New Statesman, 08.05.2019

Back to the future: what the turmoil of the 1970s can teach us today

Phil Tinline

London Review of Books Vol. 41 No. 9, 09.05.2019

He’s Bad, She’s Mad

Mary Hannity

British Politics and Policy at LSE, 09.05.2019

Amplifying Islamophobic hate crime: UK media in the wake of terror attacks

Ria Ivandic,Tom Kirchmaier, and Stephen Machin

The Conversation, 09.05.2019

Colorado shooting eerily recalls Columbine massacre

Jillian Peterson

Gallup, 09.05.2019

Large Racial Gaps on Crime Seen in 'Fragile Communities'

Steve Crabtree, 09.05.2019

One in five police officers in UK suffer from PTSD, study finds

The Conversation, 09.05.2019

US ‘foreign terrorist’ designation is more punishment than threat detector

Eric Fleury

BBC News, 10.05.2019

Is extremism really getting worse?

Sean Coughlan

NBC News, 11.05.2019

How facial recognition became a routine policing tool in America

Jon Schuppe, 13.05.2019

Action needed to lift low levels of cybercrime reporting

Rob Stock

Yahoo News, 13.05.2019

Cyprus 'serial killings' spark horror, anger at police

Anaïs Llobet

New York Times, 13.05.2019

Is There a Connection Between Undocumented Immigrants and Crime?

Anna Flagg

EurekAlert! News Release, 13.05.2019

Being bullied as a teen is associated with growing up in areas of income inequality

Bar-Ilan University

EurekAlert! News Release, 13.05.2019

Study explores privatization of public systems of justice

Crime and Justice Research Alliance

The Conversation, 13.05.2019

Worried about sexual harassment – or false allegations? Our team asked Americans about their experiences and beliefs

Anita Raj

The Conversation, 13.05.2019

Safeguarding women after disasters: some progress, but not enough

Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

SBS News, 14.05.2019

Jacinda Ardern to lead international summit tackling online extremism

The Conversation, 14.05.2019

Football referees: death threats, physical violence and verbal abuse are all part of the job

Dara Mojtahedi Lecturer in Psychology, University of Huddersfield

EurekAlert! News Release, 14.05.2019

Online complaint system used by Google and Twitter is like the 'Wild West'

Queen Mary University of London

EurekAlert! News Release, 14.05.2019

From counseling to the commissary, how the private sector shapes 'offender-funded justice'

University of Washington

ResponseSource, 14.05.2019

Private Low-level Crime Reduction Schemes Are Filling The Growing “Policing Gap”, New Research Shows, 14.05.2019

The seed of reasonable doubt in rape cases involving intoxication

Elisabeth McDonald, 15.05.2019

‘Quiet revolution’ in private policing

The Conversation, 15.05.2019

Rape myths like ‘stranger danger’ challenged by global drug survey

Alex Aldridge, Adam Winstock

The Conversation, 15.05.2019

It’s vital we clamp down on online terrorism. But is Ardern’s ‘Christchurch Call’ the answer?

Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

EurekAlert! News Release, 15.05.2019

Legal marijuana reduces chronic pain, but increases injuries and car accidents

University of California

The Guardian, 15.05.2019

Why copying the populist right isn’t going to save the left

Cas Mudde

Social Media, 16.05.2019

Tech Giants Sign-Up for 'Christchurch Call' to Address the Spread of Extremist Content

Andrew Hutchinson @adhutchinson

Los Angeles Times, 16.05.2019

George Kelling, whose ‘broken windows’ theory revolutionized urban policing, dies at 83

Jill Leovy

Phys.Org, 16.05.2019

Researchers find little evidence for 'broken windows theory,' say neighborhood disorder doesn't cause crime

Greg St. Martin, Northeastern University

The Conversation, 16.05.2019

Cryptocurrencies are finally going mainstream – the battle is on to bring them under global control

Iwa Salami Senior Lecturer in Financial Law and Regulation, University of East London

The Conversation, 16.05.2019

An innovative way to counter domestic violence: provide housing for abusers

Sarah Wendt, Kate Seymour, Kristin Natalier, 16.05.2019

Age of fraud: Are seniors more vulnerable to financial scams?

David Brancaccio, 18.05.2019

Academics from University of Portsmouth watch burglars in action breaking into virtual home

Ben Fishwick

History News Network (HNN), 19.05.2019

Why Do People Join Extremist Organizations?

B.Z. Khasru

The Conversation, 19.05.2019

Not every school’s anti-bullying program works – some may actually make bullying worse

Karyn Healy, 20.05.2019

One of UK’s most prolific extremist cells is regrouping

Ceylan Yeginsu

Washington Post, 20.05.2019

The ‘American Taliban’ will be free after 17 years. Is the U.S. ready to welcome him back?

Alex Horton and Michael Brice-Saddler (blog), 20.05.2019

Early Life Maltreatment Linked to Increased Risk of Elder Abuse