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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

Forbes, 01.04.2018

How The NRA Can Avoid Extinction

Carolyn McClanahan

The Conversation, 02.04.2018

Why we made iWitnessed, an app to collect evidence

Helen M. Paterson

War on the Rocks, 02.04.2018

The Emigrant Sisters Return: The Growing Role of the Islamic State’s Women

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Vivian Hagerty, and Logan Macnair

The Conversation, 03.04.2018

Chemsex exemplifies much wider issues with drugs and sexual consent

Lauren A Smith, Tamara Turner-Moore, Zoe Kolokotroni

The Conversation, 03.04.2018

Why bodycam footage might not clear things up

Deryn Strange, Kristyn Jones

EurekAlert!, 03.04.2018

Apps to keep children safe online may be counterproductive

University of Central Florida

The Times, 03.04.2018

Police are ‘trained to hide vital evidence’

Frances Gibb

talkRADIO, 03.04.2018

Evidence 'hidden and deliberately withheld by police and prosecutors'

Amy Southall

Michigan Radio, 04.04.2018

How can men help prevent domestic violence?

The Conversation, 04.04.2018

Body-worn cameras will help reduce police use of force, but the problem runs much deeper

Rick Sarre

The Conversation, 04.04.2018

The abuse tactics fraudsters use to break the hearts and wallets of those looking online for love

Cassandra Cross, Molly Dragiewicz

The Conversation, 04.04.2018

When police use force: 3 essential reads

Danielle Douez

New York Review of Books, 05.04.2018


Tamsin Shaw

The Conversation, 05.04.2018

How an uproar over aid and sexual exploitation ignored women’s actual experiences

Giulia Piccolino

The Conversation, 05.04.2018

Why Australia should be wary of the rise of the warrior cop, with tools to match

Terry Goldsworthy

Phys.Org, 05.04.2018

Researcher examines police perjury as part of legal culture

Mike Enright

The Guardian, 05.04.2018

The apps that map violence – and keep Rio residents out of the crossfire

Flávia Milhorance

The Guardian, 05.04.2018

Twitter bans 270,000 accounts for 'promoting terrorism'

The Conversation, 05.04.2018

Spike in London murders can’t be reversed by New York-style police crackdown alone

James Treadwell

EurekAlert!, 05.04.2018

More Americans aware of growing problem of opioid addiction

EurekAlert!, 05.04.2018

Using friends to fight online harassment

The Economist, 05.04.2018

Shining light on Latin America’s homicide epidemic

Oxford University Press, 05.04.2018

Crime and the media in America

Stephen Mann

CNN, 05.04.2018

Why didn't I kill him?

Luther O. Tyus

The Washington Post, 05.04.2018

Implicit racial bias causes black boys to be disciplined at school more than whites, federal report finds

Valerie Strauss

The Intercept, 05.04.2018

Muslims Accused of Plotting Violence Get Seven Times More Media Attention and Four Times Longer Sentences

Murtaza Hussain

Newswise, 06.04.2018

Violence Prevention Research Program Releases #WhatYouCanDo to Help Reduce Gun Violence

BBC News, 06.04.2018

The people who want four things before they go home

Maha Yahya

The Conversation, 06.04.2018

The genocide of the Roma – and how commemoration of this ‘forgotten Holocaust’ is shifting

Eve Rosenhaft

The Conversation, 06.04.2018

London violence: an expert (and father) comments

Daniel Silverstone

Houston Chronicle, 07.04.2018

It’s fine to pray, but stopping mass shootings will take action too. [Opinion]

Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, Rabbi Samuel Karff and Reverend William Lawson

The Guardian, 08.04.2018

Almost all violent extremists share one thing: their gender

Michael Kimmel

The New European, 08.04.2018

One of the world’s most notorious gangs is the wrong target for the Trump administration

The Conversation, 09.04.2018

Categorising child abusers as online or offline doesn’t help protect victims

Laura Broome,Cristina Izura, Nuria Lorenzo-Dus

Pacific Standard, 09.04.2018

Legal Pot Is Linked to Less Crime

Tom Jacobs

EL PAÍS in English, 09.04.2018

When bullying lasts beyond the school gates: “Now there’s no respite for victims”

J. J. Gálvez

Toronto Star, 09.04.2018

Deaths by police can and must be reduced

The Guardian, 09.04.2018

Police cuts left out of government's key violent crime strategy

Jamie Grierson

Vox, 09.04.2018

Police shootings are also part of America’s gun problem

German Lopez@germanrlopezgerman.lopez@vox., 09.04.2018

Move over fake news: Hostile neighbors pose big threats to governance

Princeton University

Verfassungsblog, 09.04.2018

The Copenhagen Declaration: Are the Member States about to Pull the Teeth of the ECHR

Queralt Jiménez

The Conversation, 10.04.2018

How you helped create the crisis in private data

Sarah Igo Associate Professor of History; Associate Professor of Political Science; Associate Professor of Sociology; Associate Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University

EurekAlert, 10.04.2018

Cohesive neighborhoods, less spanking result in fewer child welfare visits

University of Michigan

The Conversation, 10.04.2018

Immigration and crime, is there a link?

Dainis Ignatans Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Huddersfield

Lawfare Tuesday, 10.04.2018

Predicting Enemies: Military Use of Predictive Algorithms

Ashley Deeks

The Conversation, 11.04.2018

#Bikestormz: politicians take note, young people will stand against unfairness

James Sloam Co-Director of Centre for European Politics, Co-ordinator of Youth Politics Unit, Royal Holloway

The Conversation, 11.04.2018

Facebook’s data lockdown is a disaster for academic researchers

Marco Bastos Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication, City, University of London

The Conversation, 11.04.2018

Drones will soon decide who to kill

Peter Lee Director, Security and Risk & Reader in Politics and Ethics, University of Portsmouth

Seattle Times, 11.04.2018

Feds, don’t fight pot — enlist it in opioid war

Seattle Times editorial board

Governing, 11.04.2018

How Police in One City Are Using Tech to Fight Gangs

J. Brian Charles

The New York Times, 11.04.2018

Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis


New York Times, 11.04.2018

I Downloaded the Information That Facebook Has on Me. Yikes.


The Conversation, 12.04.2018

Austerity has had a negative impact on crime, says former police commissioner

Author Nick Alston Chair of the Policing Institute for the Eastern Region, Anglia Ruskin University

Pacific Standard, 12.04.2018

Taking Freedom: Modern-Day Slavery in America's Prison Workforce

Beth Schwartzapfel

The Conversation, 12.04.2018

Don’t shoot: When Dallas police draw their guns, they usually choose not to fire

Andrew P. Wheeler Assistant Professor of Criminology, University of Texas at Dallas

EurekAlert!, 12.04.2018

Calling for better police body cam design, 12.04.2018

She slapped a Nazi in the face and staged one of the most dramatic acts of wartime rebellion

Luisa Rollenhagen

Chicago Tribune, 13.04.2018

Chicago gang database under review by oversight agency

Jacqueline Serrato

The Conversation, 13.04.2018

Islamophobia in Paris and London – how it differs and why

Kawtar Najib Marie Sklodowska-Curie, Peter Hopkins

Fair Observer, 13.04.2018

Why Moral Panics About Video Games Are Bad Politics

Liana Kerzner

The Conversation, 15.04.2018

FactCheck: is domestic violence the leading preventable cause of death and illness for women aged 18 to 44?

Samara McPhedran, Terry Goldsworthy

The New Yorker, 16.04.2018

The Silence: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma

Junot Díaz

The Conversation, 16.04.2018

Since Boston bombing, terrorists are using new social media to inspire potential attackers

Mia Bloom

ProPublica, 16.04.2018

Who Polices the Immigration Police?

Deborah Sontag and Dale Russakoff

The Conversation, 16.04.2018

Traumatic brain injury: The unseen impact of domestic violence

Paul van Donkelaar

Psychiatry Advisor, 16.04.2018

#MeToo: Helping Victims Cope With Sexual Harassment

Bianca Palmisano

The Conversation, 16.04.2018

Syria, chemical weapons and the limits of international law

Andrew Bell

EurekAlert!, 16.04.2018

More prehospital deaths may mean increased intensity in violence

Johns Hopkins

BBC News, 16.04.2018

Locked up and vulnerable: When prison makes things worse

Melissa Hogenboom

InSight Crime, 16.04.2018

Corruption Plagues Implementation of Colombia-FARC Peace Deal

Felipe Puerta


Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image

Paulina Neuding

The Australian, 17.04.2018

Mentally ill ‘drawn to lone-wolf extremism’, research finds

Paul Maley

The Conversation, 17.04.2018

How police ‘cook the books’ on solved crime rates

Michael Arntfield

The Conversation, 17.04.2018

How misogyny, narcissism and a desperate need for power make men abuse women online

Bianca Fileborn

Lab Manager Magazine, 17.04.2018

Boise State DNA Lab Helps Exonerate Convicted Killers

Boise State University

The Conversation, 17.04.2018

How school expulsions could be fuelling the rise in youth violence

Brian Moss

Guardian, 17.04.2018

Mastermind behind Maltese journalist's murder is being protected, says husband

Juliette Garside and Stephanie Kirchgaessner

The Atlantic, 17.04.2018

The FBI Was Accused of Bias—and Its Response Helped Tip the Election

Adam Serwer, 17.04.2018

The Role of Music in the MS13

Carlos García

The Conversation, 18.04.2018

Macron’s mercenaries: police violence and neoliberal ‘reform’ in France

Oliver Davis

Newswise, 18.04.2018

Police Cars Nearly Twice as Likely to Crash While Responding to Emergencies

University of Iowa

Meedia, 18.04.2018

Cambridge Analytica-Whistleblowerin: Facebooks Datenskandal ist viel größer als bislang bekannt

Nils Jacobsen

Newsweek, 18.04.2018

These Women Say the New York City Police Department Is Failing Rape Victims

Josh Saul

Newsweek, 18.04.2018

Trump Says Sanctuary Cities Are 'Crime Infested'—Research Suggests He's Wrong

Marie Solis

New York Review of Books, 19.04.2018

The Smartphone War

Lindsey Hilsum

The Conversation, 19.04.2018

How police underestimate break-ins as gateway crimes for sex predators

Michael Arntfield

The Conversation, 19.04.2018

What’s unconscious bias training, and does it work?

Calvin K. Lai

The Hill, 19.04.2018

Society nurtures the implicit biases between black men and police

Jason Nichols

The Conversation, 19.04.2018

Waco: the siege 25 years on

Andrew Crome

Newswise, 19.04.2018

Research Team Tests Technology That Could Alert Federal Agents to Potential Terrorist Threats

EurekAlert!, 19.04.2018

More students report carrying guns in Chicago than New York or Los Angeles

Northwestern University

EurekAlert!, 19.04.2018

Study shows rapid rise in mass school shootings in the US

EurekAlert!, 19.04.2018

Algorithm tool works to silence online chatroom sex predators

Purdue University

The Marshall Project, 19.04.2018

Framed for Murder By His Own DNA

Katie Worth

The Conversation, 19.04.2018

The science that could revolutionise time measurements in forensic investigations

Graham Williams


Spain’s real rap battles

Guy Hedgecoe


Facebook won’t extend EU privacy rights globally, no matter what Zuckerberg says

Mark Scott and Nancy Scola

The Intercept, 19.04.2018

Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians

Mehdi Hasan

The Times, 20.04.2018

Child slave gangs go free as police ‘fail to investigate’

Peter Yeung, John Simpson, Fariha Karim, Sam Coates

The Guardian, 20.04.2018

I’ve seen inside the digital propaganda machine. And it’s dark in there

Emma Briant

The Guardian, 20.04.2018

The great divide of our times is not left v right, but true v false

Jonathan Freedland

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 20.04.2018

'What Am I Doing? How Did I End Up Here?'

Christoph Scheuermann and Mathieu von Rohr

Newsweek, 20.04.2018

I Survived Columbine—19 Years Later, I Will No Longer Stay Silent

Jami Amo

The Conversation, 20.04.2018

Not all drug dealers are the same – it’s time to ditch outdated stereotypes

Ross Coomber

New York Times, 21.04.2018

Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match


The Conversation, 22.04.2018

The trouble with impunity: War crimes

Didem Doğar

The Conversation, 22.04.2018

The causes of paedophilia and child sexual abuse are more complex than the public believes

Kelly Richards

The Conversation, 23.04.2018

Britain’s mass surveillance regime is directly opposing human rights

Matthew White

EurekAlert!, 23.04.2018

Suicide and homicide rates show large racial disparities across US states

BBC News, 23.04.2018

'158 security-related deaths' since Good Friday Agreement

The Crime Report, 23.04.2018

Facial Recognition Software: Coming Soon to Your Local Retailer?

Nick Coult