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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Atlantic, 01.03.2019

Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America

Franklin Foer

The Conversation, 01.03.2019

Is it more dangerous to let Islamic State foreign fighters from the West return or prevent them from coming back?

David Malet

The Crime Report, 01.03.2019

Report Shines Light on Predictive Policing Data

TCR Staff, 01.03.2019

UK police are using AI to make precrime a reality, 02.03.2019

How a black man 'outsmarted' a US neo-Nazi group - and became their new leader

Katie Mettler

New York Times, 03.03.2019

Reckoning With Violence

Michelle Alexander

TheQuint, 03.03.2019

‘Crackdown on Jamaat Will Only Increase Its Social Significance’

Azaan Javaid

The Conversation, 03.03.2019

National security is too important to be abandoned to the politics of fear

Greg Barton

Newswise, 04.03.2019

Firearm Homicide Rate for Young Black Men in Chicago Drops, but Still Shockingly High

EurekAlert, 04.03.2019

Nearly half of Americans have had a family member jailed, imprisoned

Cornell University


What’s behind Europe’s surge in anti-Semitism?

William Echikson

The Guardian, 04.03.2019

Lucía, 11, was raped. Then Argentina’s church conspired to deny her an abortion

Claudia Piñeiro

The Conversation, 04.03.2019

Sally Challen: what quashing of murder conviction means for similar cases alleging coercive control

Vanessa Bettinson

Los Angeles Times, 05.03.2019

Islamic State wives want to come home. But what were they doing while they were away?

Nabih Bulos

The Conversation, 05.03.2019

#MeToo: Rape myths continue to prevent justice for sexual assault survivors

Kate Puddister, Danielle McNabb

EurekAlert, 05.03.2019

Study to investigate how sexual trauma increases HIV susceptibility in women

University of California - San Diego

The Conversation, 05.03.2019

YouTube’s paedophile problem is only a small part of the internet’s issue with child sexual abuse

Belinda Winder, Hany Farid

Aol, 05.03.2019

Probe to examine ‘alarming’ fall in rape charges

The New Yorker online, 05.03.2019

The Violent Toll of Hindu Nationalism in India

Eliza Griswold

The Conversation, 06.03.2019

Young Somali men growing up in the West left alienated and at risk of violence

Yusuf Sheikh Omar

EurekAlert, 06.03.2019

States with strict gun laws see more homicides when they border states with lax ones

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

EurekAlert, 06.03.2019

States with permissive gun laws have higher mass shooting rates

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

Telegraph, 06.03.2019

Immigration no longer public's top concern, ONS study finds, as health becomes number one priority

Gabriella Swerling

City A.M., 06.03.2019

DEBATE: Are cuts to police numbers the main factor behind the rise in London knife crime?

Ken Marsh and Rupert Reid

Forbes, 06.03.2019

The Rise Of Totalitarian Technology

Neil Howe

Forbes, 06.03.2019

Exclusive: The FBI Took Over The Online Identity Of A Pedophile, Letting Child Porn Spread For 18 Months

Thomas Brewster, 06.03.2019

Knife crime: Studies have consistently shown stop and search to be ineffective

Benjamin Butterworth, 06.03.2019

There is no such thing as a German ISIS fighter?


New York Review of Books, 07.03.2019

The Migrant Caravan: Made in USA

Roberto Saviano

EurekAlert, 07.03.2019

The calypso caliphate: How Trinidad and Tobago became an ISIS recruiting hotspot

University of Kent

EurekAlert, 07.03.2019

Domestic violence against women: giving friends and relatives the keys to help

University of Bristol

EurekAlert, 07.03.2019

An all-in-one cyber toolkit for criminal investigations

BBC News, 07.03.2019

Knife crime: Are school exclusions to blame?

Rachel Schraer

The Conversation, 07.03.2019

Violent crime: decades of research shows punishing ‘risky’ young people does not work – here’s what does

Jo Deakin, Laura Bui

The Conversation, 07.03.2019

Migrants granted bail left trapped in British immigration detention because of nowhere to go

Clara Della Croce

The Conversation, 08.03.2019

Michael Jackson: as an expert in child sexual abuse here’s what I thought when I watched Leaving Neverland

Nadia Wager

Europol, 08.03.2019

Europol hosts 3rd Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies

San Francisco Chronicle, 09.03.2019

Kansas doctor sentenced to life in prison for opioid death

Roxana Hegeman

Psychology Today (blog), 10.03.2019

Much of what we think we know is untrue.

New York Magazine, 10.03.2019

Report: Domestic Terrorism Still a Greater Threat Than Islamic Extremism

Report: Domestic Terrorism Still a Greater Threat Than Islamic Extremism

Verfassungsblog ON MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL, 10.03.2019

Is Trump Right? Foreign Fighters and the States' Obligation to Repatriate Them

Francesca Capone

Bloomberg, 11.03.2019

A Skeptic’s Guide to Gun Violence Research

Editorial Board

PoliceOne, 11.03.2019

5 examples of how evidence-based policing enhances law enforcement

Lieutenant Jason Potts

The Conversation, 11.03.2019

Repeating flawed policies to tackle knife crime could put young people in more danger

Becky Clarke, Patrick Williams, Robert Ralphs

The Conversation, 11.03.2019

Homicide rates are up in young men – austerity and inequality may be to blame

Anthony Ellis

The Conversation, 11.03.2019

Knife crime: causes and solutions – editors’ guide to what our academic experts say

Emily Lindsay Brown, Gemma Ware, Khalil A. Cassimally

Euronews, 12.03.2019

How has jihadism changed in Spain 15 years since the Madrid train attacks?

Marta Rodriguez Martinez

The Conversation, 12.03.2019

Why so many rape investigations are dropped before a suspect is charged

Ching-Yu Huang, Fay Sweeting

EurekAlert, 12.03.2019

Opioid crisis: Only a US phenomenon?

Newswise, 12.03.2019

We Must Be Vigilant of the Precursors to Violence Against Women

Johns Hopkins

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 12.03.2019

A Migration Nightmare

The Conversation, 12.03.2019

There’s no way to stop human trafficking by treating it as an immigration enforcement problem

Bob Spires Assistant Professor of Education, University of Richmond

The Scotsman, 13.03.2019

Criminal suspects able to 'self-identify' gender

Chris Marshall

The Conversation, 13.03.2019

Football violence: attacks by fans on players are abhorrent, but there’s no need for knee-jerk reactions

EurekAlert, 13.03.2019

Fingerprints, revisited

American Chemical Society

Inverse, 13.03.2019

How a Brutal Murder Had a Profound Ripple Effect on Scientific Thought

Sarah Sloat

New York Times, 13.03.2019

A Pause on the Nation’s Biggest Death Row

The Editorial Board

NBC News, 14.03.2019

Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent

Olivia Solon

EurekAlert, 14.03.2019

Extremist sympathies more likely in white British and UK-born people

Queen Mary University of London

EurekAlert!, 14.03.2019

Bullying evolves with age and proves difficult to escape from

University of Córdoba

Newswise (press release, 14.03.2019

What Is Human Trafficking, and How Can Technology Combat It?

Source Newsroom: Arizona State University (ASU

Newswise (press release, 14.03.2019

“Broken Windows,” Lower Grades

Source Newsroom: American Sociological Association (ASA)

The New Republic, 14.03.2019

Beyond Hard Time

Brandon L. Garrett

The Conversation, 14.03.2019

How the Syrian uprising began and why it matters

Wendy Pearlman Associate Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University

The Conversation, 14.03.2019

How can we make families safer? Get men to change their violent behaviour

Authors Kelsey Hegarty Professor of Family Violence Prevention, Royal Women's Hospital and the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne

The Conversation, 14.03.2019

Conspiracy theories fuel prejudice towards minority groups

Daniel Jolley Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Staffordshire University

New York Times, 14.03.2019

Railing Against India’s Right-Wing Nationalism Was a Calling. It Was Also a Death Sentence.

Rollo Romig

The Conversation, 15.03.2019

Why news outlets should think twice about republishing the New Zealand mosque shooter’s livestream

Colleen Murrell Associate Professor, Journalism, Swinburne University of Technology

The Conversation, 15.03.2019

Christchurch mosque shootings must end New Zealand’s innocence about right-wing terrorism

Paul Spoonley Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Massey University

Bellingcat, 15.03.2019

Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre

Robert Evans

The London Review of Books (Blogs), 15.03.2019

How an act of mass murder is turned into a global spectacle

Daniel Trilling

The Guardian, 15.03.2019

From casinos to cannabis: the Native Americans embracing the pot revolution

David Treuer

The Conversation, 16.03.2019

Christchurch attacks are a stark warning of toxic political environment that allows hate to flourish

Deakin University

The Conversation, 17.03.2019

View from The Hill: A truly inclusive society requires political restraint

Michelle Grattan Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra

The Conversation, 18.03.2019

Four lessons we must take away from the Christchurch terror attack

Joe Burton Senior Lecturer, New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science, University of Waikato

The Independent, 18.03.2019

People are not full adults until their 30s, scientists say

Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent @josh_gabbatiss

The Conversation, 18.03.2019

Four ways social media platforms could stop the spread of hateful content in aftermath of terror attacks

Bertie Vidgen PhD Candidate, Alan Turing Institute, University of Oxford

The Conversation, 18.03.2019

Social media create a spectacle society that makes it easier for terrorists to achieve notoriety

Stuart M Bender Early Career Research Fellow (Digital aesthetics of violence), Curtin University

The Conversation, 19.03.2019

Extreme far right: ‘pick’n’mix’ ideologies and direct messaging online make for deadly new combination

Chris Allen Associate Professor in Hate Studies, University of Leicester

The Conversation, 19.03.2019

Christchurch attacks provide a new ethics lesson for professional media

Denis Muller Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne

The Conversation, 19.03.2019

Rape Day’: A new video game glorifying sexual assault raises questions about

Dr Marika Guggisberg Research and Teaching Academic in Domestic and Family Violence, CQUniversity Australia

The Conversation, 19.03.2019

White nationalism, born in the USA, is now a global terror threat

Art Jipson Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Dayton

Harper's Magazine online, 19.03.2019

Destined for Export

Rachel Nolan

The Guardian, 19.03.2019

Wake up, Italians – our country is in a state of democratic emergency

Roberto Saviano

Brookings, 20.03.2019

Do counter-narratives actually reduce violent extremism?

Eric Rosand and Emily Winterbotham

The Conversation, 20.03.2019

Christchurch attacks show Islamophobia is real, deadly and spreading around the world

Imran Awan Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University, Birmingham City University

The Conversation, 20.03.2019

Domestic abuse: the psychology of coercive control remains a legal battlefield

Charlotte Bishop Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter

EurekAlert, 20.03.2019

Psychology may help explain why male and female serial killers differ

Penn State

CityLab, 20.03.2019

The Troubling Limits of the ‘Great Crime Decline’

Mark Obbie

New York Review of Books, 21.03.2019

The Crime of the Century

Amy Knight

London Review of Books Vol. 41 No. 6, 21.03.2019

Among the Gilets Jaunes

Jeremy Harding

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 21.03.2019

Hate crime laws can lead to lower rate of other crimes, LaGrange College study says

John A. Tures

San Francisco Chronicle, 21.03.2019

Why the U.S. has seen a collapse in violent youth crime

Jill Tucker

The Conversation, 21.03.2019

Will the New Zealand gun law changes prevent future mass shootings?

Rick Sarre Professor of Law and Criminal Justice, University of South Australia

The Conversation, 21.03.2019

Livestreamed massacre means it’s time to shut down Facebook Live

Jennifer Grygiel Assistant Professor of Communications (Social Media) & Magazine, Syracuse University

The Conversation, 21.03.2019

Counter-terrorism Prevent strategy receives a boost from the courts – and statistical evidence

Steven Greer Professor of Human Rights, University of Bristol

EurekAlert!, 21.03.2019

Study shows alarming increases of firearm deaths in US school-age children

Florida Atlantic University

The Economist Print edition | United States, 21.03.2019

Chicago’s troubled police force gets federal oversight

The Conversation, 21.03.2019

Knife crime: why harsh prison sentences aren’t the answer for young people who carry knives

Erin Sanders-McDonagh

The Atlantic, 23.03.2019

The ‘Caliphate’ Is Dead, but Americans Might Not Be Any Safer

Kathy Gilsinan

New Zealand Herald, 24.03.2019

Christchurch mosque shootings: Hidden in plain sight: How alleged Christchurch gunman was radicalised

Kirsty Johnston

The Guardian, 24.03.2019

Silencing Islamophobes is as futile a response as banning the Qur’an

Kenan Malik

The Times March, 25.03.2019

‘Fulfilling the wishes of God’: The inside story of a police investigation into a Toronto ISIS supporter

Lynne Kelleher

EurekAlert! Public Release, 25.03.2019

Despite general support for police use of body-worn cameras, impacts may be overestimated

Project Syndicate, 25.03.2019

The Global Threat of White Terror

Bjørn Ihler

The Intercept, 25.03.2019

Terrorism’s Double Standard

Trevor Aaronson

Chicago Sun-Times, 25.03.2019

How 12 international gun laws compare to New Zealand’s

Columbia Journalism Review, 25.03.2019

After New Zealand massacre, Islamophobia spreads on Chinese social media

Tony Lin

The Conversation, 25.03.2019

We need to stop conflating Islam with terrorism

Nicolas Pirsoul

EurekAlert! Public Release, 25.03.2019

Abused kids use text-based services to seek help, study shows

Purdue University

war on the rocks, 25.03.2019

Training Law Enforcement in Fragile States: The Case for a New U.S. Approach

Tommy Ross and Philip McDaniel

Sacramento Bee, 25.03.2019

Time, money and a ‘culture shift:’ How three California police departments overhauled their policies

Hannah Wiley

Governing, 25.03.2019

Police Body Cameras Aren't Having the Effects Many Expected

Mike Maciag

The Conversation, 26.03.2019

Why new laws are vital to help us control violence and extremism online

Dan Jerker B. Svantesson