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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

LA Review of Books, 01.11.2018

Wageless Life

Sarah Brouillette

The Conversation, 01.11.2018

Congratulations, you’re ten! Now you can be arrested

Ross Little

Newswise, 01.11.2018

No Justice Beyond the Jail Walls

EurekAlert, 01.11.2018

To fight email scammers, take a different view. Literally.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

EurekAlert, 01.11.2018

Children who experience violence early in life develop faster

The Conversation, 01.11.2018

30 years ago, the world’s first cyberattack set the stage for modern cybersecurity challenges

Scott Shackelford

The Conversation, 01.11.2018

Are you a bully? Here’s how to tell

Chantal Gautier

The Intercept, 02.11.2018

Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target Users Interested in “White Genocide” — Even in Wake of Pittsburgh Massacre

Sam Biddle

Washington Post, 02.11.2018

The Pittsburgh shooter didn’t hate ‘religion,’ he hated Jews. We should say so.

Yair Rosenberg

The Conversation, 02.11.2018

Republican ads feature MS-13, hoping fear will motivate voters

Anthony W. Fontes

New York Times, 03.11.2018

U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It.


EurekAlert, 04.11.2018

WSU researchers see cognitive changes in offspring of heavy cannabis-using rats

Washington State University

The New Yorker, 05.11.2018

America’s Other Family-Separation Crisis

Sarah Stillman

EurekAlert, 05.11.2018

Violent crime raises blood pressure even among those living in safe areas

American Heart Association

The Conversation, 05.11.2018

Pittsburgh trauma surgeon: ‘Stop the Bleed’ training saved lives after shooting, but stopping the need must be next

Matthew D. Neal

The Conversation, 05.11.2018

Donald Trump: words matter and his hate preaching helps sponsor violence

Jack Holland

The Conversation, 05.11.2018

Arron Banks criminal investigation: could evidence against him make Brexit void?

Ewan McGaughey

ABC News, 05.11.2018

'I'm black. I'm seen as a threat.'

Sophie McNeill, Jeanavive McGregor and Lucy Carter

Police Professional, 05.11.2018

Five forces to test new domestic abuse risk assessment tool

Neil Root

The Guardian, 05.11.2018

Metropolitan police rush to set up no-deal Brexit 'safety net unit'

Daniel Boffey

Paris Review, 05.11.2018

Knitting Socks for the Beast: On Conspiracy

Jonathan Lethem

The Conversation, 06.11.2018

Khashoggi murder: how states are increasingly repressing dissidents beyond their borders

Saipira Furstenberg, Bahar Baser

The Conversation, 06.11.2018

Organised crime: the UK shouldn’t focus on it as a national security threat

Anna Sergi

EurekAlert, 06.11.2018

Adolescent cannabis use alters development of planning, self-control brain areas

University of Illinois at Chicago

EurekAlert, 06.11.2018

New insights into the neural risks and benefits of marijuana use

The Conversation, 07.11.2018

Florida restores voting rights to 1.5 million citizens, which might also decrease crime

Victoria Shineman

Huffington Post, 07.11.2018

'Money Mules': Criminals Are Laundering 'Dirty Money' By Paying To Use Schoolkids' Bank Accounts

Amardeep Bassey

EurekAlert, 08.11.2018

One in 5 homicides of children 2 to 14 years of age is related to intimate partner violence

CNN, 08.11.2018

Trump strikes, sensing post-midterm window to wound Mueller

Stephen Collinson

The Conversation, 09.11.2018

How a Sri Lankan student’s arrest on terror charges exposes a system built to suspect minorities

Randa Abdel Fattah

EurekAlert, 09.11.2018

Nursing science could help reduce firearm violence and its impact

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Quartz, 09.11.2018

To deradicalize extremists, former neo-Nazis use a radical method: empathy

Jane C. Hu Published, 09.11.2018

How likely is gun violence to kill the average American? The odds may surprise you

Dave Mosher

Crime Report, 09.11.2018

Old-Fashioned’ Policing Still Needed to Stop Gun Violence, say Two Scholars

TCR Staff

The Conversation, 09.11.2018

Origins and implications of the caravan of Honduran migrants

Sharon McLennan Lecturer in International Development, Massey University

The Conversation, 09.11.2018

What mass shootings do to those not shot: Social consequences of mass gun violence

Arash Javanbakht Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Wayne State University

The Conversation, 09.11.2018

Encouraging suicide or committing manslaughter?

Marilyn McMahon Deputy Dean, School of Law, Deakin University

The Conversation, 09.11.2018

Paramilitaries still cast shadows over lives of young people in Northern Ireland

Siobhan McAlister Lecturer, School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's University Belfast

The Globe Post, 10.11.2018

Ignoring Domestic, Homegrown Terrorism is Choice that Benefits few

James Forest

The Independent, 12.11.2018

Four-fifths of people believe police austerity cuts have made Britain's streets less safe, new poll reveals

Joe Watts Political Editor @JoeWatts, 12.11.2018

'They see no shame': 'honour' killing video shows plight of Syrian women

Shawn Carrie and Asmaa Alomar, 12.11.2018

Fighting terrorism online: prevention is better than cure

Selene Verri

TES News, 12.11.2018

Need to know: Knife crime and schools

Martin George

The Conversation, 12.11.2018

Hostile environment’ in Britain hasn’t put off irregular immigrants – but it’s increased their suffering

Authors Franck Düvell Research Affiliate at COMPAS, University of Oxford and Head of the Migration Department, German Centre for Integration and Migration Research

The Conversation, 12.11.2018

How the use of emoji on Islamophobic Facebook pages amplifies racism

Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández Lecturer in Digital Media at the School of Communication, Queensland University of Technology

EurekAlert!, 12.11.2018

Combining hospital, police data to better understand violence

JAMA Internal Medicine

Scientific American (Blogs), 12.11.2018

How Capital Influences Attitudes toward Capital Punishment

Keelah Williams

The Marshall Project, 12.11.2018

The Courts See a Crime. These Lawyers See a Whole Life.

Eli Hager

New York Times online, 12.11.2018

Russian Disinformation: From Cold War to Kanye

Adam B. Ellick and Adam Westbrook

New York Review of Books, 12.11.2018

‘This Is a Reality, Not a Threat’

Christopher Clark

The Conversation, 13.11.2018

Measuring racial profiling: Why it’s hard to tell where police are treating minorities unfairly

Liberty Vittert Visiting Assistant Professor in Statistics, Washington University in St Louis

The Conversation, 13.11.2018

The link between terrorism and mental illness is complicated, and vilifying communities doesn’t help

Clarke Jones Research Fellow, Research School of Psychology, Australian National University

Newswise Article, 13.11.2018

Using Social Media to Weaken Wrath of Terrorist Attacks

Source Newsroom: Michigan State University

EurekAlert!, 13.11.2018

Warmer winter temperatures linked to increased crime, study finds

Geophysical Union

EurekAlert!, 14.11.2018

Suicide risk increases in teens who knew murder victims

University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, 14.11.2018

China’s mass incarceration of Muslims cannot be left unchallenged

Timothy Grose

EurekAlert!, 14.11.2018

Bias-based bullying does more harm, is harder to protect against

North Carolina State University

EurekAlert!, 14.11.2018

Who joined the Islamic State from France between 2014 and 2016?

EurekAlert!, 14.11.2018

Victims of gun violence tell their stories: Everyday violence, 'feelings of hopelessness'

Wolters Kluwer Health

Newswise, 14.11.2018

Police Officers ‘Open Up’ about Body-worn Cameras in a Post-Ferguson Era

Florida Atlantic University

Reuters, 14.11.2018

How ZTE helps Venezuela create China-style social control


The ASEAN Post, 15.11.2018

Women’s role in terrorism and counter-terrorism

Maizura Ismail

The Conversation, 15.11.2018

Airport security threats: combating the enemy within

David BaMaung Honorary professor human resource development, Glasgow Caledonian University

EurekAlert, 15.11.2018

Can artificial intelligence help victims of abuse to disclose traumatic testimony?

University of Southern California