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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, 01.07.2018

How Indonesia’s counter-terrorism force has become a model for the region

Greg Barton

TribLive, 01.07.2018

Why police officers are rarely convicted in shootings

Debra Erdley

The Conversation, 02.07.2018

When some police feel misunderstood, it can impact their performance

Shefali V. Patil Assistant Professor of Management, University of Texas at Austin

EurekAlert, 02.07.2018

Brain stimulation decreases intent to commit physical, sexual assault

University of Pennsylvania

The Conversation, 02.07.2018

Genocide hoax tests ethics of academic publishing

Reuben Rose-Redwood Associate Professor, University of Victoria

sciencecodex., 02.07.2018

Timely interventions help spot signs of teen dating violence

ANN ARBOR, 02.07.2018

The Data Brigade of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sarah Holder, 02.07.2018

“The Russian government is corrupt in many ways”

Georg Mascolo, Frederik Obermaier, Bastian Obermayer

The Conversation, 03.07.2018

Another day, another data breach – what to do when it happens to you

Cassandra Cross Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Queensland University of Technology

Washington Post, 03.07.2018

Islamist terrorist groups are turning their attention to West Africa

Anna Pujol-Mazzini

The Conversation, 03.07.2018

Is immigration bad for the economy? 4 essential reads

Bryan Keogh Economics + Business Editor

NPR, 04.07.2018

The Other Victims: First Responders To Violent Disasters Often Suffer Alone

Heidi de Marco

NPR, 04.07.2018

The Other Victims: First Responders To Violent Disasters Often Suffer Alone

Heidi de Marco

The Globe and Mail, 04.07.2018

What Toronto can learn from New York about fighting violent crime

Marcus Gee

CNN, 04.07.2018

What Toronto can learn from New York about fighting violent crime

Marcus Gee

CNN, 04.07.2018

Quick physical intervention stopped violent intentions; could it stop violence?

Jen Christensen

The Conversation, 05.07.2018

Why the UK needs a separate justice system for people with mental illness

Karen A Snedker

The Conversation, 05.07.2018

Is gang activity on the rise? A movement to abolish gang databases makes it hard to tell

David Pyrooz, James Densley

EurekAlert!, 05.07.2018

Data-sharing website may speed the response to new illegal drugs

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The Guardian, 05.07.2018

'Predatory police': the high price of driving while black in Missouri

Jamiles Lartey

Griffith News, 05.07.2018

Study explores lives of women killed by partners

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 05.07.2018

Everyone Studying Juvenile Justice Must Read This Important Book

Judge Steven Teske

The Coloradoan, 05.07.2018

Donald Trump is using crime victims to drive his immigration agenda. That's the kind of leader he is.

EJ Montini Arizona Republic

Psychology Today Canada, 06.07.2018

Why Social Media Makes Us Angrier—and More Extreme

Sophia Moskalenko Ph.D.

The Conversation, 06.07.2018

Islamic State has survived 100,000 bombs and missiles and is still active

Paul Rogers

The Conversation, 06.07.2018

How Novichok is different from radioactive poisons – and what this means for decontamination

Robert Chilcott

Eurozine, 06.07.2018

Questioning diversity

David Goodhart Christian Kjelstrup

LobeLog, 07.07.2018

Reporting Hate Crimes: The Arab American Experience

James J. Zogby

The Guardian, 07.07.2018

'I was shocked it was so easy': meet the professor who says facial recognition can tell if you're gay

Paul Lewis

The Conversation, 09.07.2018

How imagery and media coverage influence our empathy for strangers

Dan Crimston

EurekAlert!, 09.07.2018

Lifetime sentence: Incarcerated parents impact youth behavior

Ann & Robert H. Lurie

The Crime Report, 09.07.2018

Thinking Outside the Cell: Software Cuts Recidivism Among Texas’ Mentally Ill

Laura Binczewski

The Times, 09.07.2018

Facial recognition software stumped by clown make-up

Mark Bridge

Cleveland Scene, 09.07.2018

Cleveland Neighborhoods 'Redlined' in the 1930s Are the Same Ones Dealing With Lead, Sexual Assault, Poverty and Poor Internet Issues Today

BJ Colangelo, 09.07.2018

UK police chiefs urged to adopt harassment of women as hate crime

Libby Brooks

Pacific Standard, 09.07.2018

Passionate Sports Fans Are More Likely to Endorse Right-Wing Policies

Tom Jacobs

EurekAlert!, 10.07.2018

What is the role of the physician when a patient discloses intimate partner violence perpetration?

Boston University School of Medicine

EurekAlert!, 10.07.2018

Male couples report as much domestic violence as straight couples

University of Michigan

The Atlantic, 10.07.2018

The Linguist Who Helps Police Catch Child Predators

Chris Stokel-Walker