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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, Monday 13 January 2020

What Islamic State speaking in an English accent tells us about the group’s strategy

Alan Greene

The Nation, Monday 14 May 2018

How ICE Puts a Generation at Risk

Laila Lalami

Outlook India, Monday 30 April 2018

The Thesaurus Of Unloving

Shiv Visvanathan

Outlook India, Monday 30 April 2018

‘Not Sick, We’re Intoxicated, It Is Like A Heroin High Of Hatred’

Pragya Singh

Outlook India, Monday 30 April 2018

Raptors Of Hatred

Naseer Ganai

Brookings Institution (blog), Friday 27 April 2018

How can we hold those who benefit from racism accountable?

Andre M. Perry

The Conversation, Wednesday 25 April 2018

To Europe’s shame, Roma remain stigmatised outsiders – even when they live in mansions

Ryan Powell

The Conversation, Wednesday 25 April 2018

Toronto attack: Autism does not increase risk of violence

Adam McCrimmon

Toronto Star, Wednesday 25 April 2018

Zoned Out: Critics say police-imposed area restrictions put vulnerable people at risk

Jesse Winter

Medical Xpress, Wednesday 25 April 2018

What happens to stolen guns?

The Conversation, Tuesday 24 April 2018

Why short ‘unconscious bias’ programs aren’t enough to end racial harassment and discrimination

Victor Sojo, Melissa A. Wheeler

The Conversation, Tuesday 24 April 2018

Why didn’t he shoot? The Toronto cop who did everything right

Glenn Hanna

EurekAlert!, Tuesday 24 April 2018

Stricter gun control could stop violent men killing their partners and themselves

Newswise, Tuesday 24 April 2018

How to Help Coaches Identify and Report Suspected Child Abuse

Newswise, Tuesday 24 April 2018

Exposure to Domestic Violence Costs U.S. Government $55 Billion Each Year

Phys.Org, Tuesday 24 April 2018

Online paedophile tactics exposed in forensic linguistic study

The Conversation, Monday 23 April 2018

Britain’s mass surveillance regime is directly opposing human rights

Matthew White

EurekAlert!, Monday 23 April 2018

Suicide and homicide rates show large racial disparities across US states

BBC News, Monday 23 April 2018

'158 security-related deaths' since Good Friday Agreement

The Crime Report, Monday 23 April 2018

Facial Recognition Software: Coming Soon to Your Local Retailer?

Nick Coult

The Conversation, Sunday 22 April 2018

The trouble with impunity: War crimes

Didem Doğar

The Conversation, Sunday 22 April 2018

The causes of paedophilia and child sexual abuse are more complex than the public believes

Kelly Richards

New York Times, Saturday 21 April 2018

Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match


The Times, Friday 20 April 2018

Child slave gangs go free as police ‘fail to investigate’

Peter Yeung, John Simpson, Fariha Karim, Sam Coates

The Guardian, Friday 20 April 2018

I’ve seen inside the digital propaganda machine. And it’s dark in there

Emma Briant

The Guardian, Friday 20 April 2018

The great divide of our times is not left v right, but true v false

Jonathan Freedland

SPIEGEL ONLINE, Friday 20 April 2018

'What Am I Doing? How Did I End Up Here?'

Christoph Scheuermann and Mathieu von Rohr

Newsweek, Friday 20 April 2018

I Survived Columbine—19 Years Later, I Will No Longer Stay Silent

Jami Amo

The Conversation, Friday 20 April 2018

Not all drug dealers are the same – it’s time to ditch outdated stereotypes

Ross Coomber