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7 Steps to a successful crime prevention project

Year of publication2005
Languagesenglish german
Useful forProject and Program Manager
Keywordsevaluation Beccaria quality Institution

What´s it about?

The 7 Steps give practical and useful help for the planning, implementation, and reviewing of Crime Prevention Projects. The 7 Steps are a product of the programme.

What´s included?

Included is a leaflet which will give a short and concise overview of the individual worksteps of a project and what in each case needs to be done. Also included are worksheets for every step on the route to a successful Crime Prevention Project. Also a time table is attached.

Who can use it?

Project Planer and people working in crime prevention

What can it be used for?

Plan and implement crime prevention projects

What is the value?

The 7 Steps offer fast and practical help at a glance to plan and implement crime prevention projects