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What we do

Beccaria Programme since 2003

The Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony (CPC) /Ministry of Justice in  Germany was founded in 1995 with the objective of reducing crime and improving the population’s feeling of safety and security (

The Beccaria Programme is part of the CPC’s activities. So far, there have been three
consecutive projects, which were implemented within the framework of the European
Union’s AGIS- and ISEC-Programmes together with ten European partner organizations:

  1. Quality management in crime prevention (2003-2005)
  2. Qualification in crime prevention (2005-2007)
  3. Knowledge transfer in crime prevention (2008-2011).

The Beccaria Standards for ensuring quality in crime prevention projects have been
translated so far into 16 languages (
The CPC’s Beccaria qualification programme has been offered annually since 2008
( and has been presented inter alia at the XIIth United Nations
Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Brazil in April 2010. Apart from
this in-service training, the first Master’s programme in crime prevention at a German
university started 2011. It has also been developed in the context of the
Beccaria-Programme (
The objective of the English-speaking Beccaria Internet-Portal is to facilitate the access
to globally available knowledge on crime prevention