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CEP: Domestic Violence: an ongoing phenomenon all around Europe

Domestic Violence: an ongoing phenomenon all around Europe

In 2018 CEP and EuroPris established a joint expert-group on Domestic Violence (DV), in order to improve management and rehabilitation of offenders with a DV background. 

During the last expert meeting earlier this year it was decided to publish a special newsletter about Domestic Violence. Emerging evidence on the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures has led to a rise in Domestic Violence all over Europe.

What is Domestic Violence?

By: Sarah Henfrey (Chartered and Registered Practitioner Forensic Psychologist and chair of the CEP/Europris expert group on Domestic Violence).

A lot of European countries try to improve the work with domestic violence and share good practices, but there is still a lot to be done. It is important to identify those who are sentenced for other crimes, but possibly also have a background of problems with domestic violence.

Attention needs to be paid to the differences in cultural and religious backgrounds and to increase the knowledge about this matter in order to tackle domestic violence in different contexts. Domestic violence is an issue that goes through both prison and probation. It is therefore a natural choice that CEP and EuroPris work together in a joint expert group. Both organisations have unique networks that can be used for raising awareness, exchange experiences and share knowledge.

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Restoration of Normality: ''Mirroring the past in the Future''

19-04-2021, Prague, Czech Republic 

From 19 until 21 April 2021 CEP, together with the Czech Probation and Mediation Service, will organize a conference on the past and future of probation, especially aiming at restorative justice and interagency cooperation.
The aim of this conference is to reflect on community and inter-agency cooperation amongst probation agencies, justice agencies and other relevant authorities across Europe, with a focus on Central and Eastern European countries.

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