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3rd International Correctional Research Symposium

After the second successful edition of the Correctional Research Symposium in May 2018, ICPA, EuroPris and CEP in collaboration with the Portuguese Reintegration and Prison Service have decided to organize a third edition in Portugal in the week of 11 May 2020.

Under the title "Motivation and Well-Being of Correctional Staff How They Matter and What Can We Do About It" the Symposium aims to elaborate on questions, such as:

  • When (and how) do correctional staff in Prison and Community Services over the world work at their best?
  • What are the challenges and difficulties of correctional work - in prisons and in the community? What are the outcomes for staff?
  • Can we give examples of outstanding correctional staff? What difference can they make in offender rehabilitation? What is the evidence base?
  • Are there environments or types of leadership that can support staff well-being and increase motivation?
  • How do staff working in corrections innovate, or work creatively, to achieve good outcomes?
  • What supports correctional staff in their work? What supports them best in managing increasing complexity? Is more training the answer?
  • How can corrections staff successfully navigate job related stress?
  • Can we give examples of excellent workforce development?
  • What strategies are used to recruit, retain and reward staff?
  • Where are the gaps in research?

The Symposium would like to address these questions through panel sessions with researchers and practitioners, through plenary presentations and workshops.

Want to present?

If you are interested in presenting your vision on the above topics please send your abstract by 15 January 2020 to The Programme Committee will make a selection and inform you by the end of January if your contribution will be included in the Symposium. You can also propose to combine several papers from different speakers, into one 1.5 hour workshop. It will, however, be up to the programme committee to select either one paper or the suggested combination.

The Target groups of the Symposium are:

  • Academics / researchers
  • Prison and probation staff
  • Prison and Probation Directors / Governors / Director Generals / Higher management

If you are not planning to present at the Symposium, but are interested to participate, do not forget to mark the dates in your calendar. More information about this event will later be available via our website

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