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Experts share the latest developments on technology in probation during 3rd Expert Meeting

On the 6th and 7th of June 2019, experts on technology in probation gathered in Vienna for the 3rd Expert Meeting. The meeting focused on national presentations, as well as the presentations of two invited speakers, professor Ioan Durnescu from Romania and Mr. Pedro Ferreira Marum from Belgium.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Imants Jurevičius, Latvia Vice President of CEP and Chair of the Expert Group on Technology. He gave a brief overview on the background of the group. He mentioned that the first meeting was held in Stockholm three years ago, the second one in Helsinki last year and this third meeting in Vienna, hosted by the Austrian Probation service Neustart. Imants stressed that even if the focus for the group is technology, it is very important to stay on the path of probation and that we can learn from each other instead of developing the same things parallel in different countries.


Pedro Ferreira Marum: “New technologies vs. probation mission’

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The futures of probation. If technology is the answer, what is the question?

By Ioan Durnescu

The implementation of risk and resources oriented probation in the electronic documentation system

By  Miriam Zillner and Jürgen Kaiser, Austria

Developing a probation service application for mobile devices

By Severine Hausman, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Prison and Probation Information System and staff education via video link

By Goran Brkic, Croatia

GPS monitoring as a condition for release on probation of gang members

By Sarah Eknudd, Denmark

Technology developments in the Probation App, Jersey Supervision Skills Checklist and in rehabilitative work of crime related gambling problems

By Pia Andersson, Finland

Technology to Support Engagement with Service Users and Assist Staff

By Gillian Montgomery, Northern Ireland

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