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Live streaming of the Stockholm Criminology Symposium sessions

Sessions will be available to view live on the website and will also be available after the symposium, on the website as well as on Brå’s YouTube channel.

All three lectures mentioned below will be live streamed.

The prize winners’ lecture


This year’s winners of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology, Ruth Dreifuss (Switzerland) and Peter Reuter (USA), will give their lecture on Tuesday, June 11 at 13.30 CET. The lecture is followed by a prize award ceremony and dinner in the Stockholm City Hall the same evening.

Ruth Dreifuss and Peter Reuter will also participate in the Opening discussion on Research-Guided Drug Policies. Research’s advice to policy, on Monday, June 10 at 09.30 CET.

Keith Humphreys to give the Jerry Lee Lecture


Keith Humphreys, Stanford University, USA, will give this year’s Jerry Lee Lecture at the Stockholm Criminology Symposium. The title of the lecture is A radical drug policy change to reduce crime, arrests, and incarceration. The lecture will focus on how adequate alcohol policy can help reduce crime, violence, and incarceration by involving a range of measures including pricing, taxation and the expansion of alcohol treatment and programs.

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