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Interactive Beccaria-Steps

Step by Step Towards Success

You are planning a crime prevention project or want to re-evaluate an ongoing project? You want to successfully implement a project? You want to evaluate its effects?

Then our tool will help you!

The interactive online Beccaria-Steps will support you in these processes. They will – step by step – assist you in planning, implementing and evaluating your own project.

The Beccaria-Steps guide you towards answers to all essential questions. You will not forget details in the process of project management. You can professionally plan, implement, evaluate and disseminate your project. 

On this website, you can:

  • enter a new project (follow the button „enter a new project“)
  • work on a project
  • quick save a project at any time
  • continue to work on a previously saved project (to do so, enter the project-id of your saved project)
  • export your entries in word or PDF format and print them

When saving a project you will obtain a project-ID. With the project-ID you can access your data at any time. All data is protected on our server and accessible only by entering the project-ID.

If you have any questions, you can contact us any time.

Have fun!

You want to use the Beccaria-Steps?

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Then you can enter your project-ID here.