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Management Skills for Police Leaders

Course overview


This five-day CPD course draws on management lessons from the private and public sector and applies them to the modern policing environment. The course has been designed to equip police personnel with the necessary management and leadership skills to serve as future leaders within modern police forces. The course has been developed under the aegis of the Institute for Global City Policing, an independent centre based at University College London’s Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science (the JDI).

Course content


Topics studied in this course will include:

  • types of effective leadership styles
  • management skills
  • enhancing communication skills
  • motivational strategies
  • managing political expectations
  • succession planning


The course will also focus on lessons police managers can draw from the voluntary sector, which have special salience given the increasing reliance of the UK police on volunteers, e.g. special constables, citizen patrols, and neighbourhood watch coordinators.

Course Dates


11th to 15th February 2019 (Note: This is a five-day block residential course, ie. It must be attended at our Canary Wharf campus in east London.)  Venue:  UCL School of Management, Level 38 One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA.


Case studies


The course will examine how Turnaround Management has transformed police organisations and the role of Strategic Leadership in engendering reforms and modernization. These case studies will be used to develop an understanding of the mechanism and implementation of change and reform concepts.


Who this course is for


This short course is suitable for dynamic officers wishing to become future leaders of a modern police organisation, who are versed in evidence based practices, are able to use scientific principles to make smart decisions, engender change and transformation and aim to be excellent managers. By equipping officers with these skills and grounding practice and policy in ethical considerations, this CPD offers excellent value to individuals and law enforcement organisations wishing to invest in developing future leaders.


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