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Crime Science versus Crime Fiction - a unique event

UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science

Crime Science versus Crime Fiction:  


Exploding the myths


Dear colleague, we would like to invite you to attend a very special, one-off event:


Crime fiction is now officially the most popular genre in the world. From Sherlock Holmes to CSI, fictional depictions of this good-versus-evil conflict have sought to utilise the latest advances in scientific knowledge. But how closely does crime fiction mirror the realities of police investigation? How far is modern science able to help in the fight to reduce and prevent crime?

This unique, free-to-attend event, held at the home of The Royal Society in London, and jointly organised by one of the world's top crime research departments (UCL Jill Dando Institute) and one of the world's foremost crime writers' organisations (the CWA - Crime Writers Association), brings together bestselling crime authors with leading academics who research crime. Together they will discuss the ways in which crime prevention and detection differs in real life from how it is depicted in our favourite tales of murder and mayhem.

So, if you have ever wondered whether DNA really is the 'magic bullet', or how murder trials really work, or even how an innocent person might end up with a killer's gunshot residue on their hands just by riding in the wrong taxi, then this event is for you.

A must for all those interested in crime prevention and detection, whether in real life or in fiction.

There is no charge to attend this event and it will be followed by a drinks reception.




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